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or was the bra lady in M&S a bit OTT

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gailpottertilsleyplatt Thu 04-Aug-11 23:09:31

Need some new bras so went to M&S. DD (aged 6.5) was with me and she started tittering (pun intended) when she saw all the bras. Hopefully, this is just a phase but I didn't want her in the changing room with me giving the other customers a running commentary on my phsyical shortcomings. So I sat her on a couch inside the changing room just outside the cubicle I was going to use.

The sales assistant said "there's a curtain inside your cubicle so your daughter can go in with you if you like". I said she was fine on the couch. Assistant says "you shouldn't leave her there, something could happen". I asked her what could happen and she replied "anything! I would never have left my children like that".

So was IBU to want to try on a couple of bras in peace and quiet or was I being negligent with my DD's safety?

Nagoo Thu 04-Aug-11 23:11:39

You know your DD.

My DS would run away, he's only 4. If I could trust him to sit still, then I'd have done the same as you.

Sandalwood Thu 04-Aug-11 23:12:14

But I think her issue was that she will have felt your DD was her responsibility and she didn't want to take that on.

AuntEnna Thu 04-Aug-11 23:14:09

A bit OTT yes, considering you could have just talked to your DD the whole time and made sure she was okay, plus the fact that the assistant was there so I'm not sure how anyone could have grabbed her or whatever she thought would happen. But maybe she'd been told to make sure no children were left unattended in case you tried to sue the company or something mad like that.

gailpottertilsleyplatt Thu 04-Aug-11 23:18:11

It was the "I would never have left my children like that" that really irked me. I wanted a bra not criticism of my parenting!

PeopleCallMeTricky Thu 04-Aug-11 23:22:47

My 3 year old ds was laughing and trying to grab my nipples yesterday when I was trying a bra on in bravissimo. As soon as he's old enough, he'll be waiting outside too!

LordOfTheFlies Thu 04-Aug-11 23:31:15

My DS would hyperventilate in a Father Ted Christmas Special caught in "Irelands Largest Lingerie Dept" fashion. He's 11yo.Give it a few years and he'll be itching to get into the undies dept.

DD would feel free to pass comment.
"Mummy why do you wear a bra? Oh yes, because your boobs would be round your waist if you didn't"
Thanks DD blush

BuntyCollocks Fri 05-Aug-11 13:16:38

Yabu for getting measured in marks! Other than that, no, yanbu. If I didn't have to haul a buggy into a changing room with me, it'd be bliss

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Fri 05-Aug-11 13:31:21

YANBU. If I could trust DD aged nearly 4 to not do a bunk I'd happily leave her outside. It does sound like the sales assistant was having a dig, whether she meant to or not.

itisnearlysummer Fri 05-Aug-11 13:41:36

I always leave/left my DCs outside the cubicle but inside the changing rooms. IYKWIM.

She was OTT.

Shutupanddrive Fri 05-Aug-11 15:11:49

YANBU I would have been annoyed too

ShirleyKnot Fri 05-Aug-11 15:13:15

YANBU and roffle at LordOfTheFlies.

eurochick Fri 05-Aug-11 15:27:49

When did we all become so afraid of everything? I blame the media.

YANBU at all.

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