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To be extremely peed off with Medequip?

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follyfoot Thu 04-Aug-11 21:43:50

DH had an operation in April and was loaned:

Two large loo seats on stands with grab rails (bloody enormous things)
A white chair (about the size of a big bar stool but with a back and arms)
A big plastic covered armchair

It was organised by the hospital he had his surgery at through a company called Medequip, and was of course gratefully received at the time. He was off his crutches in May and we asked for the items to be collected. Here we are now in August and the bloody things are still sat in our dining room (yes, including the toilet seats).

Numerous calls to the local depot and even to the head office but no-one can be arsed to pick them up. All that stuff that other people could no doubt use, and its all sitting in our house. What a waste....

Shall we give it all away to a good cause? Or sell it and give the money to charity? Or take it all to the tip? Or set up a care home?

WillowKnicks Thu 04-Aug-11 22:58:27

I wouldn't give them away, as you will no doubt be billed for them when they do decide to pick them up & tbh they aren't yours to give.

I'd just store them in the least inconvenient way for yourselves & keep requesting they collect them.

At least it's better this way, that you had them when you needed them & now they are surplus to requirements.

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