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to wish I had a DH voodoo doll right now?

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bagelmonkey Thu 04-Aug-11 09:14:56

AIBU? Actually, I don't care.
6 mo DD is not sleeping. She won't nap and as a consequence her sleep at night has gone to shit. It all started when we moved 2 weeks ago. I'm exhausted. I can't get her to nap for longer than 15mins and she's now sleeping for max 2 hour stretches at night. she's been up since 4am today. Woke 7 times between 7pm and 4.
DH tells me I should try to sleep when she's sleeping. she's not f-ing sleeping, you moron, that's the problem
MIL is coming to visit tomorrow (whilst DH is at work). She is a world authority on childcare. (I was spoiling DD at 2 weeks old for picking her up when she cried, but a mean, horrible mummy at 2 months when I left her to cry in the buggy as I pushed her the final 2 mins of the walk home before picking her up.) I asked that she just come for the day because the spare bed is in DD's room and she is sleeps better with no-one in the room. I also wanted us to spend a whole weekend as just a family because there have been other people around constantly for months now. DH has said she can stay because she wants to help with DD and she says she can mind DD at night for me to give me a break and getting the train home would be too exhausting. Seriously- sitting on a train for 2 1/2 hours is more exhausting than minding a baby through the night!
Anyway, I just needed to vent.

Witchofthenorth Thu 04-Aug-11 09:32:12

Shall I have the pins ready for you......could also fashion a doll up pretty quick if you want? grin

Have an an unmumsnet hug and I shall come round, look after little one and you can get your head down for a bit smile

Or you could bugger off to a hotel for the weekend and leave MIL and DH with little one?

whattodoo Thu 04-Aug-11 09:44:31

Can understand your frustration. You've just moved and had constant visitors for ages. You and your DD need to get back to normal routine so that she can find her sleep pattern again.
Best I can suggest is that you go with the arrangement for MIL staying over and that you tell her and DH that they are responsible for re-settling DD on Fri night. they can then take her out Fri morning so you can catch up on some sleep.
From the sounds of it, this will give your MIL the opportunity to let you know what a supermum she was and that you're 'obviously not coping' but just let that ride. Pick your battles.
Then, when she's gone, tell your DH that you want 2 weekends out of every month to be just the 3 of you so that you can all settle into family life in your new home. Tell him you want him to be on 'getting up' duty on 2 nights per week. If you plan to be a WOTH parent, you will expect him to do 50/50 of the nighttime duties.
Surely he knows how vital sleep is and how impractical it is for you while DD's sleep pattern is so broken.

nomoreheels Thu 04-Aug-11 09:51:26

If one more HCP tells me to sleep when my baby is sleeping, I'm going to scream. DD is 10 weeks & a lousy napper.

DP would not dare utter such words. YANBU.

nickschick Thu 04-Aug-11 09:58:00

You could fashion a voodoo doll out of most things in an emergency ....presuming you have access to dhs hairbrush,toothbrushes and general scent gringrin.

So MIL is coming to 'help' with dd?
I suggest tonight you feel ill .....v ill and retire to bed unable to do a thing and remain there all over the weekend (buy some earplugs) hide vodka under the bed and chocolate in your knicker drawer a good book in your pillow case and be 'very ill'.

Seriously its crap-I know it is.
My ds3 slept 3 hours out of 24- is there anytime when she can sit happily in her cot just so you can rest?
Can you (when mil is not coming) fasten her in her pram and let her amuse herself whilst you nod on the settee?
Wont Dh take her for a walk? cant he go to his mums and take dd for the day?

If none of these are viable then I understand and you truly have my sympathy sad,but it doesnt last forever its just a nightmare whilst its going on.

bananasplitz Thu 04-Aug-11 10:04:33

let MIL keep an eye on her while you sleep

winners all round

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