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Exam results are dropping on doormat's all over Scotland....

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Sewmuchtodo Thu 04-Aug-11 09:03:49

AIBU to be this nervous as my younger siblings await their results??? One needs the grades to get into uni, the other to get onto the higher course they want......I am miles away and have been up from silly o'clock with nerves!

Anyone else?

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 04-Aug-11 09:05:28

I hear those opting for text results got theirs yesterday smile

GeekCool Thu 04-Aug-11 09:06:59

Good luck to everyone who hasn't heard yet! And of course to your siblings OP. grin

Sewmuchtodo Thu 04-Aug-11 09:09:36

Texts and emails came out yesterday but my parents/siblings were on holiday and only returned at 4am so figured they would wait it out old style confused.

youmeatsix Thu 04-Aug-11 09:12:16

mine got theirs yesterday by text (in the mix up!)

daughter (just left 6th year) already had an unconditional to uni
and son in 5th year got the A's he wanted in maths physics & graphics, he wants to be a civil engineer

so we are very happy

good luck to all those waiting
its a nervous, anxious time

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 04-Aug-11 09:17:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sewmuchtodo Thu 04-Aug-11 09:17:56

Congratulations youmeatsix!

DB needs the grades to get unconditional (just leaving 5th yr) as the course he wants is limited and best to wrap up offer in first lot of exams.

DS wants to study medacine so you can imagine the grades required confused

There is a big hoo ha going on about the early release of the results to those who signed up to get them by text. Neither ds1 nor ds2 did, so we are still chewing our nails and pacing anxiously as we wait for the postman to bring ds2's standard grade results and ds1's highers results.

Hoping to come back soon with good news.

altinkum Thu 04-Aug-11 09:54:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBeagleEyes Thu 04-Aug-11 09:57:23

My son signed up to get his results by text but lost his bloody phone on holiday in Kos, so we have to wait for the post. And that doesn't come till 2.30 up here in the Highlands.
He's sat 8 standard grades, he eventually wants to do medicine too.
Nervous, moi?
Bloody right I am.

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 04-Aug-11 09:58:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AgentProvocateur Thu 04-Aug-11 10:19:14

DS got his by text yesterday. Eight 1s. Don't know who's mire surprised - him or me!

Good luck to everyone waiting for the post. Hope everyone gets the results they want.

bubblesincoffee Thu 04-Aug-11 10:21:36

Ahh, what a lovely sister you are. smile

Good Luck Sew's siblings, and the rest of Scotland!

Mrsxstitch Thu 04-Aug-11 10:34:44

Good luck to all those waiting for results, I think my nerves will be in a terrible state when its dd's turn.

LadyBeagleEyes Thu 04-Aug-11 12:00:41

Seven 1s and a 2, I'm so fucking proud of him.
grin grin grin

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 04-Aug-11 12:10:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Our postman has just delivered the envelopes - after handing over every other item of post, one at a time - lol. Ds1 got 4 As and a B, and ds2 got 7 1s and an A in Intermediate music. I am so proud of both of them - and they are pretty pleased too!!

Mrsxstitch Thu 04-Aug-11 14:54:51

That's great LBE grin which Highers has he chosen.

Sewmuchtodo Thu 04-Aug-11 16:54:25

Wow everyone has done so well!

DB got 4 A's and a B (more than ample to secure a uni place) and DS got 6 1's, 1 A and a 2.

I am rather proud of them both smile

knittedbreast Thu 04-Aug-11 16:58:32

well done to them all!

LadyBeagleEyes Thu 04-Aug-11 21:11:03

Hi everybody, well done to everybody.
Just back from the pub with my son's former primary school teacher, who treated us to dinner.
OK she's a good mate now as well, but he was one of her eight pupils in our tiny Highland Primary school, and she follows all the kids she's taught from High School onwards.
mrsxstitch Highers will be all the science subjects and maths.
My wee boy wants to study medicine <proud>
And slightly blush at being so proud, divorced mum, social housing, et. etc.
So didn't he do well?

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 04-Aug-11 21:13:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Milngavie Thu 04-Aug-11 21:18:46

Ds1 did fantastically well, can't begin to describe how proud we are of him. My face has been like this --> grin all day!

I met one of ds2's friends' mum in the Post Office yesterday, and we compared results - her dd got the same results as ds2, and we agreed that it was all down to good parenting!!

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