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To think Debenhams are completely shite and have the worst customer service in the world.

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theITgirl Wed 03-Aug-11 17:12:17

New BIL of 48 hours very kindly asked DS to be one of his ushers.

Suit hire is via Debenhams. So find out the nearest store that does suit hire is over an hours drive away - pain but NOT a problem.

So we turn up at the Luton store, after some confusion about not being able to find it on the system - kept on asking which name was the order from, we gave grooms name, turned out he had found the order but wanted DS's name. So took the measurements etc. Then told us we couldn't have that style of suit and could we pick a different style!!! We did not think that the groom would be happy about that. However sales guy insisted that was the only option, so we took the head office number for Youngs (who the franchise was through) and decided we needed to do some phoning around, speak to the groom and work out what was the next step.

Throughout the entire visit the sales guy refused to look at me (I was doing most of the talking) or answer any of my questions. DH had to repeat the question to get an answer from him. I got rather cross, but kept my temper and just told the sales guy how rude he had been.

So we get back and DH phones Youngs who tell him that they are not taking any more orders for that style but all existing requests are perfectly fine and will be completed.

So decided that rather than another drive to Luton, DH would go to the Oxford St branch on his way back from work and make sure the order was on the system.

DH goes to Oxford St and finds out that although he can place the order the original bloke from Luton did not put any of the measurements he had taken onto the computer system. Oxford St gave us a guide and we took the necessary measurements and phoned them through. Oxford St say we cannot have the suit until the week before the wedding, when the DC & I are at my parents, so we arrange to collect from the store in Worcester.

We get to the week before the wedding (Monday), I call the Worcester branch to check it has arrived - it hasn't!
So I call Oxford St, they say it is on it's way.
Tuesday - I call Worcester branch, still not there! But at least I got through to the right department this time. Joe was very helpful said leave it with him and he will track down the suit. Must admit he was great, found the suit in local depot and gave up his lunch hour to collect from the depot - otherwise it would not arrive in the store until Thursday.

Take DS straight from his activity camp (the reason we were up at my parents) to Worcester and he can finally try on the suit, some adjustments were needed and new shirt, jacket and cravat arrive on Thursday. Needed a new cravat as have been sent an adult size way to long and should have been sent a childs made-up cravat. Finally I can relax again.
Told I should return the suit by Monday, pointed out the wedding was on the Monday! (order number is grooms name followed by wedding date - so should have been obvious) So just asked to return as soon as possible, but that I could return to any store.

Friday eve drive the 130 miles back home. with the suit. Saturday we catch the train to Edinburgh. My god am I tired by now as are the DC.

Very successful wedding on Monday
Tuesday catch the train back home again (Edinburgh to London, then out again to home). All very very tired.

Today I drive to WGC to return the suit. They refuse to take it

Apparently I have to return it to a store with a suit hire department!
Because there are no vans that go to the brand new WGC store (that has been there at least two years)

So that means thet either the DC and I have to drive all the way to Luton and deal with the incompetant idiot who refuses to look at or talk to me.
Or DH has to take the suit into work and then trek from the City to Oxford St to return the suit.


Thanks for reading and I feel a lot calmer having got this off my chest.

dexter73 Wed 03-Aug-11 17:14:57

What a palaver! Could you post the suit back?

theITgirl Wed 03-Aug-11 17:21:45

Not according to them - has to be delivered to a store.

redexpat Wed 03-Aug-11 19:14:29

That sounds really annoying. Have a wine and lots fo wedding sympathy! Perhaps write a review on

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