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To feel upset

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emkana Tue 02-Aug-11 22:10:49

ds is five and has a type of short-limbed dwarfism. He has a very large tummy and a protruding bottom and chubby legs.

I am currently staying with my family in Germany for the summer and I'm getting lots of comments about ds's weight. But you can't compare his stature to a normal child, he doesn't stretch like children his age normally do, his chest cavity is small which means his organs are pushed down into his tummy, his spine is slightly curved inwards. I can't even be bothered to explain this to people when it gets reported to me that people have been talking about ds 's weight behind my back.

TimeWasting Tue 02-Aug-11 22:16:04

Of course it's going to be upsetting.
It's always upsetting to realise you know some real idiots. wink

Explain it to the gobbiest know-it-all, they'll enjoy being able to tell the rest.

fedupofnamechanging Tue 02-Aug-11 22:18:37

People just don't think. Tbh, unless you do explain about his condition, then they aren't to know. It's human nature to be interested nosy but it's not any of their business.

I think you have a choice - to explain or to tell them to butt out. I can see it would be very wearing to have to constantly repeat the same information to various nosy strangers, so I'd be inclined to go with the second option.

greenbananas Tue 02-Aug-11 22:29:07

emkana, that must be really hard sad People can be so ignorant, and yet they really do have no right to judge. I bet your DS looks absolutely beautiful to you!!!

I know this is not even vaguely comparable to your situation, but my DS has multiple allergies and I get so very, very fed up of random people judging me on his weight, size, general state of health and eating habits. I look like a right old 'helicopter parent', wiping his/other children's hands all the time and supervising absolutely everything he touches.

YOU know that you are being a good parent, so forget what the rest of them think <hugs>.

greenbananas Tue 02-Aug-11 22:34:20

Sorry, I also meant to say:
These people probably can't fully understand the sadness and/or worry that you feel for your son, and so probably don't know how much hurt their comments are causing.

Pity their ignorance and stay strong smile

ReindeerBollocks Tue 02-Aug-11 22:41:06

Stay strong, you know your DS isn't overweight, and I would advise you to be really blunt about your DS to the next few people that ask. Might make them back off a bit.

DS is the opposite, too thin and I don't tend to feed him in public. Tends to lead to calls of neglect but, like you, I know my son.

Your DS Is all that is important, please don't let ignorant fools people ruin your holiday.

Xales Tue 02-Aug-11 22:49:07

People are ignorant idiots.

Get a card printed up that you can hand to them and watch their embarrassment (sp?) as you walk away with your head high.


emkana Wed 03-Aug-11 13:09:36

Thanks for the kind words. I think he looks lovely! smile

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