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Why won't people take their sodding kids out

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maypole1 Tue 02-Aug-11 17:14:48

in the pictures today, and a little boys about 6 was crying and running off from his mum. He was really screaming and saying want to go I want go I don't like it. She kept dragging him back to his seat Ect then the 3rd time she finally left thank god ( horrid henry btw)

But my point is why when a child is screaming why don't people just go outside to sort them out or to establish whats wrong

In my view its just selfishness you don't get to see the film because your running round trying to keep your child quite, the child is clearly not watching the film and everyone else is not watching the film because your child Is screaming he was so loud he woke up a Tiny baby then that started screaming the mum was not impressed.

In the end she left as well I did feel sorry for her as the other children She had with looked really upset and it wasn't long into the film either

I have noticed people also do this at weddings refuse to take a screaming child out as if trying to prove some point no wonder why so many won't have children at their wedding these days

Any way fab movie you should all take your kids hopefully you will be minus the crying child

AMumInScotland Tue 02-Aug-11 17:26:58

Well you've answered your own question, haven't you? "The other children she had with her looked really upset" - she was probably looking after a number of children for the day, to help out with childcare in the school holidays.

The one who was creating probably wasn't even her own child - otherwise she'd have known how he might react and would have taken them all to the park instead.

So, instead of dragging them all out, and giving up the money she'd had to shell out for cinema tickets, she tried to find a way to calm that one down without ruining the day for all of them.

LemonDifficult Tue 02-Aug-11 17:29:39

'sodding kids' hmm

AMIS is right, you've answered the question yourself, OP, she was hoping it would be alright, it wasn't so she finally left.

DogsBestFriend Tue 02-Aug-11 17:29:58

Because some people are inconsiderate. Simple as that, really.

FreudianSlipper Tue 02-Aug-11 17:30:22

because she did not want to give in to him and spoil it for the others

surely if you go to an early viewing children's film you expect a few tantrums, children fidgeting and getting bored

i am not sure if i shoudl take ds to see cars, i rather his dad did as they share a love of cars i do not and can not see ds sitting still for that long (that is the excuse i keep telling myself) i think it is time he went to the cinema

maypole1 Tue 02-Aug-11 17:33:25

AMumInScotland no you get me wrong she had only one child the lady with the newborn had a few kids the first ladys son woke up the newborn whom I image was put to sleep just before as to not start crying the bigger boy after all his screaming woke her baby up and she then had to leave as well because her newborn was crying

maypole1 Tue 02-Aug-11 17:35:13

Again se was on her own her child woke up another ladies baby who was with her daughters I presume and they also had to leave because the boy woke up he baby and it started crying

Marne Tue 02-Aug-11 17:45:50

ohh, another cinema thread (i missed the last one).

I can see your point. If i took dd2 (who is 6 and has Autism) to the cinema she would probably ask to leave, cry, scream and not sit down. One day i would like to take her (to see how she reacts) but i can't as there will be people like you in there who will judge and get angry because of the noise she may make, for this reason i may never take her to the cinema sad.

It must be bloody anoying if you have payed a fortune to get in (several excited children in tow) and then you have to leave early because one child can not handle the noise and sitting still, this is why she tried several times to sit him back down and make him watch the film.

It does anoy me when i see babies in the cinema, why take a baby to the cinema? its too noisy (could damage its ears) and if the babie makes a fuss and cries its hardly fare on eveyone else, get a baby sitter or dont bother going.

Marne Tue 02-Aug-11 17:48:57

Oh, and i took dd1 to see cars a few days ago, after the first 10 minutes she started fidgeting and moaning, realised she could not wear the 3d glasses over her glasses (and couldn't see it without her glasses), she managed to stay quiet but i missed most of the film trying to keep her busy. She's 7 so was easy (ish) to keep her still for an hour.

maypole1 Tue 02-Aug-11 17:50:33

The other ladies baby was sleeping and NOT making any noise btw
And had to leave with her now crying baby and her daughter because of one women who was to selfish just to go outside in the first instance to see what was wrong with her son.

And FYI most cinemas do disabled or baby screening screenings so their were all parents are warned their will be crying so you know Before you pay you money why don't you try a screening like that.

bubblesincoffee Tue 02-Aug-11 17:50:37

Because some people are selfish Maypole.

UsingMainlySpoons Tue 02-Aug-11 17:50:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FreudianSlipper Tue 02-Aug-11 17:51:34

ds is 4 in september

i really do not fancy going (would if it was an animal film i like those but talking cars) and of course ds would struggle to keep quiet we always have a running commentary even if it is something he has not seen before

psiloveyou Tue 02-Aug-11 17:54:29

Next time take BigFishTinyFish dh with you. grin

Marne Tue 02-Aug-11 17:55:41

Thanks UsingM- i might try that, our cinema does not do disabled/Autistic viewings (i know a lot of cinemas do), they do young childrens viewings but my dd2 would not want to watch 'Winnie the pooh' sad.

maypole1 Tue 02-Aug-11 17:58:09

It just puzzles me some children don't enjoy the cinema or can't sit for the amount of time required but still these parents insist on forcing their children to go whyyyy?

pointydog Tue 02-Aug-11 18:14:16

hoho. I wonder how many kids will behave badly during Horrid Henry. Sorta ironic.

Birdsgottafly Tue 02-Aug-11 18:24:07

My youngest is 13 and loves Studio Ghibli, when Ponyo came out we went to the eight o'clock showing, we were queuing to buy the tickets a little girl of about 5, did nothing but scream, she shouldn't have been taken in to start with. It continued after the film had started, the manager had to ask them to leave.
Children don't have to be taken to the cinema

lesley33 Tue 02-Aug-11 18:33:27

When I took my kids to the cinema when they were young, if they started crying or screaming, I took them out to the lobby. You don't have to take them totally out of the cinema. That way you can find out what is wrong and judge whether you can go back in or have to leave - without disturbing everyone else.

I don't understand why people don't do this!

Sometimes young children can get upset about something tiny that you can sort out, before taking them back in. You don't try and sort it out in the cinema and disturb everyone else.

I do think more people are selfish today and don't think of the people round about them. I would have been furious if I was the mum with the baby that was woken up.

fishtankneedscleaning Wed 03-Aug-11 00:10:46

I agree with Maypole. Surely a parent will have an idea whether their child is likely to sit through a film before they even entertain the idea of taking them to a cinema?

If a child is clearly disturbing other people's viewing then the reasonable thing to do is to take the child out and allow other people to enjoy the film they have paid a fortune good money to see.

Nothing pisses me off more than inconsiderate parents who think everyone should be as tolerant of their child's disruptive behaviour as they are!

posterofagirl Wed 03-Aug-11 00:24:08

I took my 7 week old DD to the cinema on Sunday with her little ear protectors and she slept right through.

Why should I get a babysitter if I can manage my child's behaviour?

If she had started screaming I would have taken her out ASAP because that is just good manners.

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