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To not buy my DD a birthday present

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Beckie222 Mon 01-Aug-11 21:41:17

It's my DD's 2nd birthday on Wednesday and I'm considering not buying her a present.
We are having a small party with family over so she will get plenty of fuss made of her.
She doesn't need anything and I would just be buying something for the hell of it. Would I be a very bad mummy for not getting her a present? Will I look back in years to come and feel bad that I never got her anything for her 2nd birthday?

porcamiseria Mon 01-Aug-11 21:42:15

agree! our house is full of shit, she will get presents, and you are making a lovely day for her

chicaguapa Mon 01-Aug-11 21:44:18

YANBU. She won't notice. Usually Sometimes we don't get DC Christmas presents as they get so much from everyone else. And they're 9&6! They don't notice.

messybessie Mon 01-Aug-11 21:44:55

I would wrap up some things in a big box. A blown up balloon, some glittery streamer stuff, some party blowers.

She will love it, will cost you beans and can chuck it later.

Birdsgottafly Mon 01-Aug-11 21:46:51

Mine are teenagers and older and i look back and think why did i waste so much money on toys that they didn't really need and make life difficult by having a house full of crap.

If it makes you feel any better put money into her bank account.

duchesse Mon 01-Aug-11 21:47:23

No I don't think you will. DD3 has not had a 1st birthday party and won't be getting a 2nd birthday party apart from immediate family. She will not remember or care. I am so over elaborate birthday parties and presents just because. Little ones just prefer cardboard boxes anyway.

pookamoo Mon 01-Aug-11 21:48:20

I think you are being perfectly reasonable. She won't mind, and you'll have a lovely family day anyway!

slipmate Mon 01-Aug-11 21:50:06

we did not buy for our dc's until they were about 5 for all the reasons above and they never noticed smile

Meglet Mon 01-Aug-11 21:52:06

yanbu. My DD is nearly 3 and I really don't want to add to the clutter in the house. She's old enough to know about presents but she'll be happy with a Hello Kitty plate and a book. Doesn't need storage and no bits to lose.

ChunkyMonkeyMother Mon 01-Aug-11 21:58:48

My DS is going to be 2 on the 12th - We're just getting him a goldfish, nothing too big - costing around £20 for the whole lot (tank, fish etc) - Something different from toys which he will recieve in abundance.

Maybe give her a little IOU for a day out or something similar if you feel mean? Not that you should, I bet you could giftwrap half of her toys and she'd think they were new I know mine would ha ha

loubielou31 Mon 01-Aug-11 22:00:36

If you think you might feel bad for not buying her a second birthday present, (because I guarantee that in years to come when she's hates you and is blaming you for everything that's wrong in her life because you're making her turn off the TV and do some homework one of the lines will not be "you didn't even buy me a present for my second birthday!") anyway but if you might then buy her something nice but small she can keep, jewellry or a picture for her room or a beautiful book.

snippywoo2 Mon 01-Aug-11 22:01:23

Will I look back in years to come and feel bad that I never got her anything for her 2nd birthday?

You might not but the other guests might if they brought presents. Imagine going to a kids party and you went to the trouble of buying something and then found out the parents of said child bought her nothing how would you feel? If she doesn't need anything buy her a star or donate to charity on her behalf etc.

MumblingRagDoll Mon 01-Aug-11 22:14:10

Just wrap something's the notion of a gift as a fortune's meant to bring good fortune.

It could just as easily be flowers picked from the garden as a mahoosive heap of plastic tat....

usualsuspect Mon 01-Aug-11 22:17:02

Its nice to get presents though

EdnaKrabappel Mon 01-Aug-11 22:18:40

nah, YANBU. when ds turned 2 I bought him a micro scooter. his godfather also bought him the same scooter. So I sent mine back and didn't bother buying anything else as he had been bought loads of other stuff by friends and family. obviously ds didn't notice!

noblegiraffe Mon 01-Aug-11 22:28:59

I'm really looking forward to giving my DS his second birthday presents. I've bought a few bits over the last few months and they're in the cupboard waiting. He's going to love them.

I think it's a shame not to get her anything at all. She might not need anything, but surely you can think of something, however small, that she'll like.

Haggisfish Mon 01-Aug-11 22:44:36

I read a nice idea on here - write her a letter to be opened on her 18th detailing the year and any special memories/things she has achieved/made you laugh etc. We didn'[t buy pressies either, much to some people's horror.

Beckie222 Mon 01-Aug-11 23:45:16

Thanks for all your thoughts on this.

I don't think I will buy anything, my house is coming down with tat and we have a toyroom with more stuff in than you can imagine. She is the light of my life and I'll make the day as special for her as I can, I think that will bring more memories than a present she'll have forgotten about in a few weeks time.

wherearemysocks Tue 02-Aug-11 00:06:18

That's the one bit of advice that I usually to give to any parents-to-be that I know - for the first few years of christmases and birthdays just wrap up empty boxes for them as thats all they play with anyway, and they get so much stuff from other people.

Nanny0gg Tue 02-Aug-11 00:08:57

Does no-one buy special books anymore?
Hardback classics that she can enjoy as she gets older.
Wind in the Willows, Alice, The Railway Children etc.
A birthday when they don't need anything is the perfect excuse!

AuntiePickleBottom Tue 02-Aug-11 00:13:36

yanbu, i alway found an inflatable ballon is the best present for a 2 year old.


AuntiePickleBottom Tue 02-Aug-11 00:14:51

where did the rest of the post go ( i will continue)

i alway found that by the 2nd birthday, clothes make a more practicle present

biscuitmad Tue 02-Aug-11 00:17:51

Buy a money box and wrap up. Then find a colourful envelope and put bits in like glitterr and some money. Your lo will have so much fun putting the money into a money box.

When you have enough money take lo to the bank. My lo held two bags of coppers and I made he walk up to the counter. He asked for treasure and got two gold coins. He played with the coins for the rest of the day before I told him they were tired and ended up in his money box.

loubielou31 Tue 02-Aug-11 00:35:43

Ooh yes, always the most popular present for my DD, a huge box filled with balloons and one foil helium balloon (not necessary but my children love them but I think they're expensive so they're a treat) wrapped in birthday paper. DDs get to unwrap a big pressie, play with the balloons and hide in the box all for about £4, (£1 if you don't have the helium balloon)

loubielou31 Tue 02-Aug-11 00:36:18

Love the money box idea.

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