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To ask if dd is making this song up?

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ButteryPie Mon 01-Aug-11 09:18:11

(to the tune of frere jaques)

See that mange tout,
see that mange tout,
wriggling on the ground,
wriggling on the ground,
that's not mange tout,
that is a snake.

See that carrot,
see that carrot,
flying through the air,
eating all the nectar,
that's not a carrot,
that is a bee.

See that pea,
see that pea,
hanging from the ceiling,
hanging from the ceiling,
that's not a pea
that is a bulb.

They appear to be the main verses, although she has done it with various vegetables.

Is this a trend currently sweeping nurseries, or is she some kind of unhinged comedy genius???

gorionine Mon 01-Aug-11 09:21:34

DD4 in nursery and I never heard that song from her I think you have a comedy genius.

DD4 for ever making up songs about anything at the moment but she composes her very own music to go with them rather than just copying an existing tune!wink

Tinkerisdead Mon 01-Aug-11 09:25:52

Never heard of that but it's brilliant!

My dd started preschool at 2 and immediately started singing a song
'lollipop lady give it a try, buses and cars watch them go by, lollipop lady give it a try.'

I even started singing it loads as it's catchy, asked at preschool what it was and they all fell about laughing at me saying they have no such song. They suggested it must be off tv but only ever watch cbeebies and it's def not on there!

FreudianSlipper Mon 01-Aug-11 09:41:52

they make up songs to traditional nursery rhymes at ds nursery

ds sings a song about honey to frere jaques and he sings twinkle twinkle traffic lights

ds does make up his own songs too smile

Tchootnika Mon 01-Aug-11 09:42:36

grin grin grin

I hope she has made it up! It's great!!

FreudianSlipper Mon 01-Aug-11 09:46:50

quick get the copyright, could be your luxurious pension fund her university fees paid for. quite a little song writer you have there grin

hayleysd Mon 01-Aug-11 09:46:50

My son sings a song he said the school made up and there's a line in it about watching cbbc!! Not sure if he's made that up but he doesn't watch cbbc!

biddysmama Mon 01-Aug-11 12:07:24

thats good smile any songs my children make up involve willys, or poo..

spiderpig8 Mon 01-Aug-11 12:18:28

The lyrics are hardly Chekhov are they? , they certainly sound as though they've been made up by a pre-schooler.

Sheepling Mon 01-Aug-11 12:20:31

My DS doesnt make any songs up :-( he just repeats "Baby, you're a firework" to any woman he sees, in a Joey Tribianni kind of way... the women tend to be blonde too...

KurriKurri Mon 01-Aug-11 14:12:56

I'm going to be singing that all afternoon now Buttery grin (I especially like the mange tout verse)

glendathegoodwitch Mon 01-Aug-11 16:34:22

pmsl @ sheepling - how old is he???

dd (5) sings twinkle twinkle chocolate bar from school and she makes up the lyrics to pop songs she hears

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 01-Aug-11 17:15:25

OP - That is amazing! I especially love the last lines of all the verses LOL

The little boy I look after (not yet 2) sat on a bus the other day repeating "birds go tweet tweet, cars go beep beep" over and over and looking a bit proud of himself.

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 01-Aug-11 17:17:50

It's brilliant!

festi Mon 01-Aug-11 17:27:34

"birds go tweet tweet, cars go beep beep" over and over and looking a bit proud of himself.

That is from nick then goes "beep beep, tweet tweet, beep beeb tweet tweet....." getting faster and faster.

Dexifehatz Mon 01-Aug-11 17:38:15

That's right Spider-piss on OP's parade.

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 01-Aug-11 18:26:27

Oh festi!
You've ruined it for me now, I thought he was a 23 month old rhyming genius
Ah well...

festi Mon 01-Aug-11 19:01:32

I know im sorry I posted that then read back at spiders post and realised I had pissed on your parade aswell. sorry!!!

spiderpig8 Mon 01-Aug-11 19:28:18

'Dexifehatz' I think the OP was being ironic!

LineRunner Mon 01-Aug-11 19:30:38

Spider, bless.

BellaBearisWideAwake Mon 01-Aug-11 19:33:27

That's lovely, my son's sings all involve poo. Such as twinkle twinkle little poo, or baa baa black sheep have you any poo.

BarryKent Mon 01-Aug-11 19:37:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tchootnika Mon 01-Aug-11 19:41:11

You must admit, though, the scansion's pretty good for a 4y.o?

BarryKent Mon 01-Aug-11 19:45:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

superjobee Mon 01-Aug-11 19:49:24

my DD never swears ever when she talks but for a stage between age 2 and 3 shesang little dittys to herself and threw in a random 'fuck' and 'shite' blush very quietly to herself!

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