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to ask you lot how to get from Euston to Tate Modern without getting tube/bus...

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CRS Sun 31-Jul-11 23:56:51

....partner very claustrophobic and finds public transport very difficult. Also we would quite like to see Vorticists exhibition at the Tate - can we get there without public transport (especially tube)?

This is a birthday present from his parents who have paid for train and exhibition tickets, which is lovely, and my friend is having our son for the day, but because of the transport thing, he is now (late and probably fretting unecessarily) he is not actually keen to go, although he does want to IYSWIM.

CRS Sun 31-Jul-11 23:57:44

Oh - we have tickets to the Miro exhibition and the other one, all paid by PIL.

TakeMeDrunkImHome Mon 01-Aug-11 00:01:37

We take the chopper darling.

Scarletbanner Mon 01-Aug-11 00:04:00

Erm... Black cab? Bit of a long walk otherwise (though not impossible). Boris bike?

EdithWeston Mon 01-Aug-11 00:04:15

It's too far to walk. The only remaining realistic options are black cab or Boris bike.

bruxeur Mon 01-Aug-11 00:04:56

Erm - walk? Less than an hour, easy.

bruxeur Mon 01-Aug-11 00:05:52

Less than 2.5 miles according to google maps. A stroll.

CRS Mon 01-Aug-11 00:06:12

This is not helpful as 1: the chopper is otherwise engaged, and 2: Partner would, I think, find above air claustrophobia somewhat worse than the underground transport.

And if it was meant to be a comment on the activities being too too middle class, we are only going because my PIL have paid for our train tickets to London and the exhibition tickets, and we are brassic broke and this is meant to be a nice day out for grown ups which is potentially not going to happen.

Thanks though.

EdithWeston Mon 01-Aug-11 00:06:29

Spookily similar x-posts!

You can go Tate to Tate by boat.

CRS Mon 01-Aug-11 00:07:13

Oh - thanks to other posters - I was wondering if walking was realistic. Not been to London for ages, and don't know it at all well.

MilkNoSugarPlease Mon 01-Aug-11 00:07:29

Will take about an hour to walk it

TakeMeDrunkImHome Mon 01-Aug-11 00:07:45

Was just joking re: chopper blush sorry

Kestryn Mon 01-Aug-11 00:07:47

The walk's not too complicated, takes about 45 minutes though. Go to , click on Get Directions and the walking icon, then put Euston Station in box A and Tate Modern in Box B and it will give you directions and a map.

bruxeur Mon 01-Aug-11 00:08:13

2.4 miles is about 45mins for an able-bodied adult.

debivamp Mon 01-Aug-11 00:08:41

Can you get a bus? No73 to st panc and then change onto a 63 - drops you off outside. Check Transport for london website and click on journey planner. You can exclude certain modes of transport such as the tube.

bruxeur Mon 01-Aug-11 00:09:03

Awesome cross-postage on this thread. Viva the hivemind.

Kestryn Mon 01-Aug-11 00:09:39

Sorry x-post - got the 45 minutes estimate from googlemaps.

bruxeur Mon 01-Aug-11 00:09:39

Can you read a thread title?

MilkNoSugarPlease Mon 01-Aug-11 00:11:11

Its a reasonably direct route I seem to remember....Grays inn road>chancery lane>farringdon st>past blackfriars tube>down another st and iver the bridge

CRS Mon 01-Aug-11 00:13:45

Thanks people - reassured that there is a walking option if we end up in an "I have to get off this bus/train right NOW situation!

(Partner very lovely and not at all weird, except in this one "being trapped" way).

Kestryn Mon 01-Aug-11 00:16:09

If you either have a physical copy of the A-Z or googlemaps on your phone, you'll be fine. Have fun.

CRS Mon 01-Aug-11 00:19:03

Thanks - "right NOW" obviously refers to the next station, not leaping out of train/bus window, by the way. And it IS very annoying if the right now situation occurs a ridiculously long way from where you are trying to go!

Much reassured about tomorrow, thank you everyone.

Whatmeworry Mon 01-Aug-11 00:20:46

There is a southbound train from Kings X it stops at black friars iirc.

chocoroo Mon 01-Aug-11 00:20:51

I've just spent two days in London with my five month old. We went to Primrose Hill, Camden, Soho, Buckingham Palace and Topshop. We walked everywhere and stayed in Kings Cross.

Walking around London is a fantastic way to see things, from Euston to the Tate Modern you'll get to see Farringdon and St Pauls. Lovely. I'm jealous.

Don't forget to pop in to Borough Market for gorgeous coffee and lunch while you're over that way.

CRS Mon 01-Aug-11 00:21:11

Fogiven, about the chopper too - I realise it sounded like a wanky OP! grin

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