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to come blazing in here eating yogurt FURIOUSLY...?

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Foxules Sun 31-Jul-11 21:48:48

This is my first post, have been thinking I should join for ages but never have but now I find myself needing help. puts down spoon

This is going to sound stupid but I'm at a loss at what to do about it. My DH is eating too many snacks, I will clarify shortly, I know this is quite petty but oldest DS is home for the holidays and I'd thought it was him, I was giving him a little leeway to settle in, a few days, but no.. its his Dad. Too many snacks? Relative isn't it? If it were the kids I could deal with this easily but my Husband?

He works all night sometimes, it isn't hard graft but its long hours and often a fair bit of waiting about. I cook him things to take along, other times he buys meals, tonight (we had lasagne before and I defy him to be hungry after it) he took with him: a homemade vegetable pasty (see I try to have healthyish snacks in, I'd noticed snacks were being depleted fast so baked low fat filling pasties) Sandwiches, 2, two bags of crisps, three cereal bars, a wispa bar, a snack pack of raisins, some home made blueberry and apple crumble, a yoghurt, brioche... a banana... :|

this isn't healthy, he is in good shape and plays some sport casually but this ARRRRGH for one thing we're spending too much on it all, its not a good example either. We used to be able to have a multipack of chocolate bars in the fridge untouched the day after it was bought... six pack of cereal bars bought mainly for the kids, bought today 3 gone. The snacks I'd bought last week went within days, its so frustrating.

What the hell to do?

Is he ill?

Am I being unreasonable?

(and hello)

festi Sun 31-Jul-11 21:56:30

i dont think this too much for a night shift. how many hours does he work through the night?

PeopleCallMeTricky Sun 31-Jul-11 21:58:43

Does he manage to get much work done?

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Sun 31-Jul-11 22:02:47

Constant snacking can become a habit. For that reason I'd say don't buy any. Nobody needs cereal bars, chocolate or crisps.

Stock up on fruit instead. Say goodbye to the rubbish.

If it's not piled up in the cupboards, he'll eat proper food and fruit etc instead and get out of the habit of going through all the 'goodies' like he's never seen food before.

Foxules Sun 31-Jul-11 22:26:35

smile Hi festi, is it not? I am glad it isn't too much he works only a few hours, with lots of breaks and waiting about in-between, he's been working these patterns for years though and the snacking is new. It does seem too much to me smile

Haha he does seem to get work done PeopleCallMeTricky smile

and I half agree with you TheMagnificentBathyKolpian I will definitely be buying much less of the bad stuff.

Thanks for the comments.

PeopleCallMeTricky Sun 31-Jul-11 22:29:07

No offence, but I'm imagining him working in a nuclear power plant, a yellow man with his feet up on the desk, eating donuts grin

festi Sun 31-Jul-11 22:30:13

not too much imo if its all night, but for a few hours then yes it does seem too much and the choice of food is not so good either.

Foxules Sun 31-Jul-11 22:32:42

:D oh god PeopleCallMeTricky... poor Marge, yes.

SarahStratton Sun 31-Jul-11 22:33:07

Me too Tricky grin

If the snacks aren't there, he can't eat them. Why not get a food thermos and he could take soup, pasta or chilli etc.

PurveyorOfBaloney Sun 31-Jul-11 22:36:01

He's eating for boredom no? Teach him Sudoku.

BranchingOut Sun 31-Jul-11 22:36:20

I agree it can become a bit of a habit. I used to keep a box of cereal bars in my cupboard at work and have one mid afternoon everyday - then I found that I rapidly started 'needing' that cereal bar.

But when I stopped buying them I felt fine again...

HowlingBitch Sun 31-Jul-11 22:36:21

I'm hungry...

Foxules Sun 31-Jul-11 22:39:27

Ah you see festi, he is there about twelve hours but amount of actual work varies so I suppose it still counts as all night but actual work possibly half that. It could be boredom, but he has colleagues and films and things to occupy himself.

It looks like the whole family will have to have an enforced health kick (I'll be popular) smile smile

whackamole Sun 31-Jul-11 22:40:04

Sounds like a lot to me Festi!

My OH used to work 12 hour night shifts as a security guard and used to take a huge amount of food with him. He was just bored really, working a 12 hour day shift he would take a lunchtime meal and maybe the crisps and fruit. HOWEVER he would have had a small breakfast (not really his meal) before he left rather than a full-on dinner.

If he is doing something boring like security, get him to take a puzzle book grin rather than half the crap.

lifechanger Sun 31-Jul-11 22:40:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Foxules Sun 31-Jul-11 22:46:18

Hi SarahStratton he did used to take pasta and soup and rice and things, he had quite a phase for it then it was too awkward and it was sandwiches again, if there wasn't going to be catering.

It could be boredom, PurveyorOfBaloney he has his iPad full of crap..

Haha HowlingBitch quick eat all the snacks so my DH can't... smile

I think thats it BranchingOut I'm going to have to really try to cut them out, wean him off...

thanks everyone

Foxules Sun 31-Jul-11 22:53:40

Ah, so whackamole you think its a lot too? Even for nights? He works in the music industry but in no way shape or form in an exciting way. So now everyone will think he has the munchies? It's classical if that helps him sound lovely and dull and lovely again smile smile

LOL lifechanger oh god, the pastys are nice smile

Foxules Sun 31-Jul-11 23:16:55

I've texted him just now that 'what with summer here and the kids home, I think we should all try to be more healthy as a FAMILY.' he seems to think its a good idea, so hopefully no spitting his dummy over couscous salad... smile smile

of course the shopping arrives tomorrow, lots of unhealthy crap..:|

thanks for help

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