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WIBU to call in sick tomorrow?

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emsyj Sun 31-Jul-11 14:37:22

I started a new job a couple of months ago. Things are going okay.

This weekend, DH and I have both been ill. I was up during the night last night throwing up and am still having regular, um, toilet visits (ahem). I haven't eaten anything since Friday aside from a bag of crisps yesterday lunchtime. I feel sort of shaky but probably would feel better if i had something to eat (can't stomach it yet).

Anyway, WIBU to take a day off sick tomorrow? I feel enormously guilty at the prospect of it but I feel really wiped out.

Thing is, I have been brought up that you go to work unless you are physically incapable of getting out of bed. I am out of bed today, although lying on the sofa.

Verdict please.

LostMyIdentityAlongTheWay Sun 31-Jul-11 14:39:12

it's early yet - only Sunday afternoon. Decide tomorrow morning, surely?

You've been there for two months. unless you've been slacking I see no reason why it would look poor to have a day off if you're ill?

Why must you decide now?

TidyDancer Sun 31-Jul-11 14:39:58

I would see how you feel in the morning, but generally no, YANBU.

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Sun 31-Jul-11 14:40:13

No. Call in sick. You ARE ill!

You can't face eating, you are feeling shaky, you have been chucking it out both ends.

Don't be a hero. Take a day off and get yourself well rested.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 31-Jul-11 14:40:19

It's too early to decide, I think. Take it easy this afternoon and eat something small (dry toast or a plain biscuit) later and see how that goes. Play it by ear and see how you feel in the morning.

Hope you feel better soon.

Letz Sun 31-Jul-11 14:40:49

I would go in, even just to make the effort first thing - if you're still feeling bad fter an hour or so then you can ask to go home. It will look like you're really making an effort and if you are that sick it will probably show!

hobnobsaremyfave Sun 31-Jul-11 14:40:59

When was the last time you vomitted/had the runs? You should be 48 hours clear before returning to work or you risk spreading the lurg to others.

YouDoTheMath Sun 31-Jul-11 14:41:02

You don't sound well enough, but if you feel that guilty, see how you feel in the morning.

My old boss wouldn't let people in the office who had so much as a cold, because his wife was seriously ill and he didn't want to pass anything to her.

chickensaregreen Sun 31-Jul-11 14:41:04

I'm sure your colleagues would rather you didn't bring your sickness bug to work on Monday! Rest for another day. Then it will have been 48 hours since being sick.

LetThereBeRock Sun 31-Jul-11 14:42:31

YANBU.You are genuinely ill,and it's better not to pass the bug around your workplace.

Southernisle Sun 31-Jul-11 14:43:11

Stay off - a colleague of mine was ill last week, phoned up in the morning to say they had sickness and diarrohea all night, they then showed up at lunchtime saying they felt much better.

I was so angry with them.

emsyj Sun 31-Jul-11 14:43:50

I know if I don't decide now that I will just go in!!!

At my last job I went in with an infected tooth socket (had just had my wisdom teeth out). My face was all swollen and my boss helpfully said 'ooooh, you're really puffed up, aren't you?', but didn't suggest I should go home...

I am never ill (aside from the teeth thing, which to be fair was 3 years ago) so it feels like a really big deal to take a day off sick. Although I do know that nobody thanks you for it. And this time I clearly have some sort of tummy bug (can't be food poisoning as DH has had it too and we haven't eaten any of the same things since last Thursday).

Shutupanddrive Sun 31-Jul-11 14:44:00

See how you feel in the morning before deciding. Of course you would not BU to take a day off if your not well smile

emsyj Sun 31-Jul-11 14:45:11

I did a liquid poo (sorry tmi) about an hour ago hobnobsaremyfave although I haven't been sick since just before midnight last night - I really don't want to pass it on.

hobnobsaremyfave Sun 31-Jul-11 14:45:37

I really wouldn't go in. An infected tooth can't be spread to others wheras D and V can.

hobnobsaremyfave Sun 31-Jul-11 14:46:30

48 hours from that will be Tuesday lunchtime and you have no idea whether the runs have stopped yet.

emsyj Sun 31-Jul-11 14:47:52


I guess you're right. I don't want to make others ill. The woman in the office next to mine is 28 weeks pregnant, so particularly don't want to pass anything on to her.

Urgh. Will make it a duvet day.

Lotkinsgonecurly Sun 31-Jul-11 14:47:57

I wouldn't go in. Mention that you have still been ill during the night and you really don't want to pass it on to other people.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

cloudydays Sun 31-Jul-11 14:52:40

I opened this thread expecting it to be someone who wasn't actually sick, but needed / wanted the day off for some other reason.

Of course YANBU. You're sick, so you take a sick day. It's the responsible thing to do.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Sun 31-Jul-11 14:55:05

It's SO hard to resist the pressure to go to work, isn't it? Even if people don't explicitly say anything, I always feel that the pressure is there. So I know where you're coming from. BUT you really don't sound well enough. I'd wait until you can eat at least semi-normally and your bowels are back to something like normal. You don't want to pass anything on to your colleagues, and if you still need frequent trips to the loo etc it will be very unpleasant doing that at work. Feel better soon!

emsyj Sun 31-Jul-11 16:02:12

There's no way I would want a runny bum at work - ewwwwww.

Still not able to eat, although have drunk lots of iced water, so will not go in tomorrow. Am hoping to be able to eat something before bed tho. Just not sure what I could manage.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Sun 31-Jul-11 16:07:12

White rice or dry white toast? And sugar and salt in water or, less disgusting-tasting, this type of thing are great for rehydrating; you'll have lost a lot of fluid and electrolytes.

LineRunner Sun 31-Jul-11 16:10:53

I would get up at the normal time for work and make the decision based on your state of health; and if you are still **ed, then ring in yourself as soon as there will be someone there to take the call. That way no-one will think that you are having a lie-in or swanning around in Naples or whatever.

There's no need to elaborate during your call; just say you have D&V and will need a sick day which you will obviously self-certificate as soon as you are back at your desk.

emsyj Sun 31-Jul-11 16:18:59

I don't think I could manage toast but maybe some cereal later. Hmmm.

I will be up at the normal time anyway, LineRunner, DD will see to that! grin Fortunately she seems to have escaped totally unscathed (so far.....)

NearlySpring Sun 31-Jul-11 16:21:36

I agree, 48 hrs clear of D&V to minimise infecting colleagues.

My work are total arse about sickness. Any more than 8 days off in one year and you are put on an informal disciplinary procedure an targeted maximum 5 days for the next 12 months. I had 10 days off with an awful kidney infections (had drs note for entire period) and got an informal warning! My mate was in an rtc, in intensive care for a week and had 3 weeks off total, he returned to work on crutches and he was also given an informal warning. So, we have people in when they are very ill and vomitting on a basis as they are so worried about having time off sick.

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