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to confiscate toys that DD (2) cannot operate by herself?

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LifeIsButtercream Sun 31-Jul-11 08:57:13

Ok I know how evil that sounds! But here is my plight:

DD is 2, and has some toys mostly given by her dad that are for older children (nothing dangerous, I confiscate any bits that are swallowable etc) you know the 3+ type stuff.

There are a few that she can't 'do' for herself, the main offenders at the moment are a playset that she can't open (well, she probably could if she tried!) or attach the pieces too, and a little doll in a buggy that she can't get in or out. When she is playing with them she brings them to me with a "Mummy open please!" - not a problem when I'm playing with her but problematic when I'm in the middle of washing up/have marigolds on/am on the phone/am on the loo/am receiving the Tesco order etc.

If I don't help her immediately she gets frustrated and throws it or starts stropping (again, not good when on phone), even the gentlest "Mummy will open it when I've finished/in a minute" is met with whinging (gotta love 2yr olds....)

Another issue is often the moment I (for instance) put the doll in the buggy she will play for about 10seconds them present it back to me to take back out, then put back in, then take back out..........

When we're playing together I encourage her to have a go herself, and she will give it the most theatrical effortless attempt then proceed to chuck a frustrated strop.

She plays very well by herself with other toys, and loves imaginative play, and has plenty of other toys that she plays with wonderfully, and I know she sometimes does it to try and get my attention, but sometimes I do have to do things and can't play with her 24/7, as much as I would love to!

AIBU to hide some of these toys at naptime?

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 31-Jul-11 09:02:16

YANBU... Put the too-old toys away, also put away some of the others for a while. That way, when you bring them out, they'll be more interesting for her. Utterly empathise with not wanting to be a kids' entertainer 24/7

Meglet Sun 31-Jul-11 09:04:32

Yanbu.bring them out when you have time to supervise. I regularly hide toys that are annoying or have loads of pieces that I end up tidying up.

Galena Sun 31-Jul-11 12:01:02

DD (2.3) knows that 'I'll help you in a minute' means that and is ok with it. She only got there with practice. I would say it (even when I wasn't busy) make her wait a few seconds then do whatever it was she wanted with 'Well done for waiting'. Gradually I could make the wait longer.

Also, I've found a good way to teach her how to do things is to hold her hands and help her to do things - so I'm making her hands do whatever it is, IYSWIM?

However, if it's causing you stress, hide the toys and bring them out when she's older. No problem.

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