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To have said yes to my 14 year old son

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Mitmoo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:12:45

When he asked if he could have a couple of friends around to sleep in a tent in the back garden tonight.

I'm stressed already.

LineRunner Sat 30-Jul-11 20:15:40

That sounds OK. Tell them if they make a racket, they have to come inside and can it.

Or are you expecting booze at pimms o'clock?

rubyrubyruby Sat 30-Jul-11 20:16:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mitmoo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:16:57

I'm definately going to have a glass of wine before bedtime.

Mitmoo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:17:59

rubyruby what have we let ourselves in for?

LordOfTheFlies Sat 30-Jul-11 20:19:01

No of course You Are Not Being Unreasonable.

It sounds like fun!

As long as you trust the other friends ( I presume boys).
Give him a back door key on a nappy pin to clip into his pj s and a torch.( And some snacks for a midnight feast!) Let them get on with it.
I would let my 11 yo DS camp out grin

rubyrubyruby Sat 30-Jul-11 20:21:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mitmoo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:28:22

I had a bivvy and a huge tent but they couldn't find the pegs, so they've negotiated the string off it against the fence, now a second tent has gone under the overall covering from the first tent. It's pretty ingenious really, they've turned a pretty small garden into a camp site.

I couldn't say no I've been suffering with anxiety really badly and they tidied up the garden and shed yesterday to cheer me up. One even went to his mum and aunts to get some Avon orders for me.

I do love teens.

rubyrubyruby Sat 30-Jul-11 20:30:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bonkerz Sat 30-Jul-11 20:31:02

I have six girls aged 9-11 in my lounge. They have been there since 5pm whilst me, DH, DD and DS are stuck upstairs. They have nail varnish, face packs and lots of food and DVDs.

Lazydaisy55 Sat 30-Jul-11 20:34:54

I have my son's his step-brother to stay for 4 days. They get on really well and are having a great time.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 30-Jul-11 20:38:23

Last week we had DS + 4 boys for an end-of-term sleepover.
They all kipped in DS's room.
DS +2 didn't go to bed until 3am! (which was when I threw them into their room because I wanted to go to sleep)
Then I heard DS chatting at 5am.
Yeah Gods child- do you run on Ever Ready Batteries?

Maybe I should've put them in a tent? No X-Box or Wii.He might not go for it hmm

Toobluntforboss Sat 30-Jul-11 20:38:27

You all sound like fab parents to me - hope I'm that cool when my dcs are teenagers! I'm sure youll have nothing to worry about and they'll have great fun memories!

Mitmoo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:39:24

They havent fell out yet. My lad is autistic I'm not sure he's not going to be terrified when it gets dark, but he has got a whole lot of peer pressure going on out there.

Should I sleep downstairs just in case?

SharperSeven Sat 30-Jul-11 20:40:49

You could fire up the barbie and have sausages!

AuntieMonica Sat 30-Jul-11 20:41:00

they'll have a ball, and i wouldn't worry about sleeping downstairs yourself, get off up out of the way and enjoy the peace while you can!

they will come and find you if they really need help, but they will annoy the hell out of you if you are 'there' wink

Mitmoo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:41:13

Lord LOL Tooblunt thanks for that. I don't feel cool right now I just feel like it could well be a long old night. grin

LordOfTheFlies Sat 30-Jul-11 20:42:29

I would if that's the case Mitmoo.
Just tell your DS (only him) that you'll be on the couch so that he knows you are near but doesn't lose face in front of his mates.
Then you're there if he needs you.

rubyrubyruby Sat 30-Jul-11 20:43:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maryz Sat 30-Jul-11 20:45:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntieMonica Sat 30-Jul-11 20:46:59

i used to bloody well LOVE camping in people's back gardens!

am reet jealous now envy

herbietea Sat 30-Jul-11 20:50:17

Message withdrawn

Mitmoo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:50:53

They are stuffing themselves stupid with sweets right now that's after a chippie night. They could well be farting later lol

rubyrubyruby Sat 30-Jul-11 20:58:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pizzadelivery Sat 30-Jul-11 21:07:36

Six years ago I let my then 8 year old ds, with aspergers, put up his tent in the garden on a Saturday night. He really wanted too and was packed up with food, drink, torch, books, ds, cuddly toys, sleeping bag, duvet (just in case!), favourite pillow, pokemon cushion etc.... most of his bedroom in fact! Was about 8pm.

I kept the patio doors open and got my bedding prepared on the sofa so I could listen out for emergencies. Was expecting 'I don't like it mummy'.

At 11 there was a kerfuffle in the garden, went out and loads of teenagers were in my garden running past DS's tent shouting 'hide. run!' One of them actually apologised to me on the way door but one were getting raided again (ex council estate, now moved!). All the kids ran therough the gardens to escape.

Packed Ds back up, popped him into bed so I could put his toys etc back, he said it was the best night ever but he has refused to camp since!

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