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lumberpuncture headache from hell!

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chinnywinston Sat 30-Jul-11 19:29:26

Ok I know i should be on the health board but i simply cannot be arsed going over there!

I had a lumber puncture following a chest x-ray and C-T scan last week due to a suspected brain bleed, followed by 24 hours later a headache from the devil 1 week on and im still off my rocker on strong prescribed medication and have turned into the bitch from hell.

I would like to see the said doc who performed said lumber puncture wearing his testicles as eyes after i kick them there.

Mild headache my arse, i have had 3 kids and never experienced pain like this.
I know it was needed but if he had been at least partially truthful and said it could hurt like a bitch i wouldnt feel so narked off.

So AIBU to be annoyed hmm

cantpooinpeace Sat 30-Jul-11 19:32:28

No! I'm a regular headache sufferer and get all different severities. Kids and headaches is the worst combo ever.

Also I think a LP is right up there on my list of proceedures I never want to have smile

pushmepullyou Sat 30-Jul-11 19:39:47

You poor thing, YADNBU. I've had an lp myself and it was worse than both the viral meningitis and labour. I think it took about 10 days to go, and it went quite suddenly. I found lying flat on my back was more effective than painkillers.

MrsSnaplegs Sat 30-Jul-11 19:42:45

As an ex nurse ( not practiced for 6 years disclaimer here) I would suggest phoning gp or nhs direct. I would expect you to have a headache for max 48 hours after but not a week. Have you been drinking plenty of non alcoholic, non caffeine fluids? You need to help your body to build up your cerebral spinal fluid again(csf) - there's not much in there so even though they don't take much out it is a fair percentage.
Hope you feel better soon

BlimminEck Sat 30-Jul-11 19:44:57

maybe for 99% of people it is a mild headache and you are the anomaly

cant really blame the doc for how your body reacts

Cannotthinkofaname Sat 30-Jul-11 19:51:09

I have Lumber Punctures every 3weeks and most of the time I suffer with the headaches afterwards.

I have just recently had a LP shunt placed to try and stop the Lumber Punctures all of the time and I have had the headache for 2weeks now. In am suffering with a low pressure headache and I get told to lie flat it usually helps but just not with a shunt draining the fluid. I normally have high pressure as my body makes to much csf.

I would phone NHS direct as even though I normally get the headaches for 7-10days after a Lumber Puncture I get told to phone if I have the headache for 7days.

Hope you feel better soon as it is the worst headache I have ever felt.

mamas12 Sat 30-Jul-11 19:53:30

I have three of these and I would never have another one again and I'm seriously thinking of not allowing dcs to have one either.
They are a diagnostic tool and not a cure for anything but the reaction and effect afterwards are bloody horrible. My back has been permanently weakened by them.
Having said that I hope that you find out what it is that is wrong with you and I would strongly suggest going back to docs to see if you are alright now.

belledechocchipcookie Sat 30-Jul-11 19:56:55

I had one a couple of years ago. The headache from hell is caused when you sit up after having it done, they order you to remain flat for at least an hour afterwards. You need to make sure that you drink plenty of fluid. My headache eased when I was lying flat, I ended up getting some pain killers from the GP.

chinnywinston Sat 30-Jul-11 20:02:02

Thankyou for the advice, doctors it is tommorow. I thought 9 days was a bit much. I appreciate all the input. mamas12 My little boy had one at 18 months and now i feel as guilty as hell for putting him through it, none of my DC will ever have another unless it life or death and in his case when he had it, it wasn't.

belledechocchipcookie Sat 30-Jul-11 20:03:33

I had my headache for just over 2 weeks. If it needs doing then it needs doing. I hope you're feeling better soon.

cbeebiedout Sat 30-Jul-11 20:09:00

oh I had one of these. I had a 2 day migraine with truly unbearable pain that ended up in a seizure. i was 16 weeks pregnant with my DD2 at the time. Very stressful, ended up having everything done that you would freak out about having done while pregnant. A shot of morphine, a CT scan and then a LP to check if I had a bleed on the brain. Whilst waiting on the final results, the consultant helpfully let me in on the fact that they had found some blood in my fluid which would mean I did have a bleed. After an hour of worrying and fearing the worst he then returned to tell me that it must have leaked in from a vessel nearby when they inserted the needle. Some doctors just love a good drama. Complete idiot. Sorry, had forgotten how annoyed I was at that. BUT, the headache was awful. I had mine for around a week and I don't know what I would have done if my mum hadn't come over to help me out with my 1 year old. its all to do with the brain needing to calibrate itself again as it has to deal with having less fluid (I think??). I could only be upright for a little while at a time and then lie down or the pressure would build and build. Do you feel that you can stay upright for longer at a time as the days pass? If not, then I would say you should definitely speak to your GP or a quick call to NHS direct. Keep taking the horse pills though, all good fun grin

mamas12 Sat 30-Jul-11 20:09:10

I don't think ds would remember he had it though he is so young so don't fret over that.

F1lthym1ndedvixen Sat 30-Jul-11 20:10:54

oh dear lord, I am sorry for you. My son is now 14 and had one 10 years ago - he still talks about it in terms of the horror of it all. My dh went in with him. He goes grey at the mention of lp.....sad

cbeebiedout Sat 30-Jul-11 20:13:29

I like to think at that age they just live in the moment. I'm sure your DS won't remember it. My DD had one at 10 weeks to rule out meningitis. If I had known what a headache she would have afterwards, I would have tried to help her lie flat and stuff but nobody said.

iscream Sat 30-Jul-11 20:21:16

You may need a blood patch.
I haven't read the entire thread yet, so ignore if already suggested or if you feel better now.

helibee Sat 30-Jul-11 20:24:04

You have my every sympathy. I have had 2 lumbar punctures and both times caused me to have debilitating headache where o couldn't even sit or stand uo for about 10 days afterwards!

chinnywinston Sat 30-Jul-11 20:37:48

I cant thank everyone enough for the support here. I guess i was niave, i had 2 epidurals for ES when giving birth and just thought this would be the same, it has lessened thank god or i think i would have jumped through a window by now if it was the same as days one and two.
And yes my son has no recollection what so ever about the LP he had which is a blessing. It was for a long term health condition for him and confirmed it unfortunately for him. So it was for the best in his case.
Mine came back clear so I'm thankful for that and glad to hear that it does eventually pass. I was joking about the Doc by the way he was lovely and i guess its just one of those things, but by god it hurts x

Becaroooo Sat 30-Jul-11 20:43:02

You poor thing...I had this after an LP and ended up back in a&e on a drip for 24 hours sad

Took quite a while for it to go in my case - 10 days or more!

chinnywinston Sat 30-Jul-11 20:45:25

cbeebiedout I cannot imagine that, you dont need that when pregnant sad

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