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to want to kill my boyfriend right now.

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sososworried Fri 29-Jul-11 20:04:12

I'm 38+6, have in the last couple of days, out of the blue found out my dad has probably got months to live and am feeling pretty down/hysterical/lost at the moment. He went to a work party last night, got drunk, came back late and as a result is now exhausted after his hard day. I actually want to kill him. I can't believe his lack of empathy and support for me at this time. He has his own problems but I need him now and not only is not there for me but he's being an absolute arsehole because he's so f*cking exhausted.

fustyarse Fri 29-Jul-11 20:24:49

he is behaving like an arse

but probably in a state of panic at how much EVERYTHING is about to change

that's not an excuse though. What if you'd gone into labour while he was out drinking/hungover and couldn't take you to hospital or be with you? He needs to be told to smarten up. I know for each of our 3 dcs my dh was informed decided he couldn't have a drink for 4 weeks before my due date (not a big drinker anyay, TBH)

Am so sorry about your dad. That's horrendous. Have just been through that myself so I do know how you feel. You need to make up with your BF, let him know just how much you will need his support just now, be on the same side.

good luck with everything.

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