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AIBU to find the Smurfs

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FreudianSlipper Fri 29-Jul-11 19:51:59


they are little blue people who live in mushrooms, but they have always given me the creeps and now they have made a film i am jsut wondering what else they have planned

AgentZigzag Fri 29-Jul-11 19:54:05

I fucking hate the little blue twats.

I'd be interested in knowing why people used to like/watch them when they were DC, it's like those horrible troll things, why?? They're so ugly.

babyicebean Fri 29-Jul-11 19:55:11

1 lady smurf to lots of men smurfds?

peeriebear Fri 29-Jul-11 19:55:12

And there's only one female...

Tchootnika Fri 29-Jul-11 19:55:24

Oh shock good sad grief.

peeriebear Fri 29-Jul-11 19:55:25

Oh great minds smile

InfestationofLannisters Fri 29-Jul-11 19:55:33

Creepy? I thought you were going to say, "attractive" shock


InfestationofLannisters Fri 29-Jul-11 19:57:11

PMSL just asked DD (11) what that thing (record player) in the video was and she thought it was a roulette wheel grin

faverolles Fri 29-Jul-11 20:02:30

You are all being very very unreasonable angry
Smurfs are lovely.

AgentZigzag Fri 29-Jul-11 20:03:37

What they really get up to. shock <<suspicion of smurfs confirmed>>

AgentZigzag Fri 29-Jul-11 20:04:23

Explain yourself please faverolles...

StrandedBear Fri 29-Jul-11 20:07:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gastrognome Fri 29-Jul-11 20:14:07

YABU. The Smurfs rock.
AND they are one of Belgium's greatest exports.
(guess where I live...)

FreudianSlipper Fri 29-Jul-11 20:15:59

i knew it, filth absolute filth dirty little beasts

i thought they were dutch blush

pinkthechaffinch Fri 29-Jul-11 20:19:10


have you ever been to the wonderful theme park of Plopsaland (the name alone is worth it)- near Adenkirke (sp) in Belgium?

You'd love it gnomes everywhere , one of the highlights for ds was the gnome boat ride!!!

gastrognome Sat 30-Jul-11 22:03:54

Have not yet been to Plopsaland - was resisting due to the awful name but have been reassured it's toddler heaven so may well go this summer. I am rather fond of Bumba the clown! And gnomes in boats? What's not to love?

pinkthechaffinch Mon 01-Aug-11 11:30:19

It is a good theme park actually-on the same level as Chessington imo.

tip: go on a Catholic holiday

We went on a good friday a couple of years ago and the place was almost deserted!!

Portofino Mon 01-Aug-11 11:32:44

I am in Belgium too - everyone loves smurfs. In fact one Sunday morning, I was driving dd home from dance class and passed a whole group of people, adults and kids, all dressed as Smurfs grin. I nearly crashed the car. I have no idea where they were going.

Movie out here on Wednesday .....

Gastrognome - dd loves Plopsaland.

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