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AIBU to take them up on this offer?

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Annpan88 Fri 29-Jul-11 16:56:22

On our way to visit some friends. Basically friend has just got a new job and moved and the plan was for him to have a joint housewarming/birthday party for his girl friend sat (tomorrow) night.

We decided we weren't going to go as its an over night trip and we didn't want to stay with 4 month old DS in a house with loads of drunk people (friends are lovely but we have never been a group to have civilised parties)

Friends girl friend say why don't we come on the friday night, just a couple of close friends having dinner. Sounds good, we spent £60 on train tickets last week and called yesterday to confirm it would still be a small group (as I heard more were going) friends confirmed it was still a small group.

Skip forward to ten mins ago, we're on train, friend calls to say he is on way to pick us up from the station but also that more people than intended are going and they have booked us into a B&B that they will pay for as the party is going to be louder than expected (probably an all nighter).

Now DH and I don't have the money (60 quid) for the bed and breakfast. WIBU to let them pay or part pay for the room as it was a cost we weren't expecting. Or should we brave out a sleepless night in a house full of drunkards?

Am at a loss so your thoughts would be appriciated smile (sorry am on phone and haven't checked grammer n' stuff)

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Fri 29-Jul-11 17:02:39

It's a very generous gesture which you should accept in the spirit in which it was made.

Have a lovely time and show your appreciation by sending a handwritten card to your host when you're home again, with a bunch of flowers or bottle of wine if you can stretch to it.

CarrotsAreNotTheOnlyVegetables Fri 29-Jul-11 17:03:04

They offered - accept.

If they did not want to do this they would not have offered.

Onemorning Fri 29-Jul-11 17:03:54

YANBU to let them pay as they offered. What nice friends.

2shoes Fri 29-Jul-11 17:04:30

wow how nice, they must really like you, accept and have a lovely time

rookiemater Fri 29-Jul-11 17:06:48

Can you offer to pay half? If you could thats what I would do, but if not and even if you do make sure to tell them how touched you are by their gesture

AgentZigzag Fri 29-Jul-11 17:08:34

I would accept too, they sound really thoughtful smile

Have a lovely time.

WhereYouLeftIt Fri 29-Jul-11 17:14:35

That was really nice of them, they really are very thoughtful. I would, as izzy said, accept their generous gesture in the spirit in which it was made. I think they would feel awkward if you suggested paying.

LineRunner Fri 29-Jul-11 17:17:35

Accept, make a bit of a fuss of them for their generosity, and send or leave them a gift/letter.

Don't offer them money.

SiamoFottuti Fri 29-Jul-11 17:29:55

of course you should accept, they have booked it for you and intend to pay.

Happygomummy Fri 29-Jul-11 17:33:26

concur with what has been said.

i suspect they knew all along it was going to be a few more people but wanted to make sure you would come!

v nice friends!

eaglewings Fri 29-Jul-11 17:35:45

Accept and have fun

ZillionChocolate Fri 29-Jul-11 17:40:04

Accept graciously, don't make them doubt/regret their generosity. Have a great time!

G1nger Fri 29-Jul-11 17:40:30

Yes you should accept. And then find some way to make it up to them.

stealthsquiggle Fri 29-Jul-11 17:44:23

Accept it in the generous spirit in which it was intended - they sound like lovely friends.

Make it up to them (in some way, not necessarily involving money) at some point in the future

Enjoy the party!

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