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to have NOTHING to wear for the races on sunday!

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farnywarny Fri 29-Jul-11 13:44:08

We are going to Chester Races on sunday and I have nothing to wear!! DP says IABU because I have 4 of the 6 wardrobes in our room full of clothes (poor dp has his squashed in to one)

Does anybody think a maxi dress would be ok? We are in the posh part of the race course, dp has tp wear collar, tie and jacket and the kids have to wear smart a maxi and sparkly flats with a matching fascinator?

Pootles2010 Fri 29-Jul-11 13:48:29

I reckon you'd be alright with that, but only ever been to York races.

Flat shoes = yes yes, you don't want to sink into the grass.

You must have piles of clothes in 4 wardrobes! Maybe you need to get it all out and have a good sort out, to remind yourself whats there?

alistron1 Fri 29-Jul-11 13:53:23

Couldn't you just wear a mans shirt, jacked in with a tie (harrovian or summat) over a pair of impossibly suntanned legs?

<<reading jilly cooper emoticon>>

Pandemoniaa Fri 29-Jul-11 13:54:52

Which part of the fascinator matches? The sparkly, flat or maxi?

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Fri 29-Jul-11 13:57:48

Unless your fascinator looks like this

Pootles2010 Fri 29-Jul-11 14:03:28

Argh hated that article! She sounded like someone's mother saying 'oooh why don't you get something nice from Debenhams instead' followed by cats bum mouth.

Ambergambler Fri 29-Jul-11 14:31:06

100% fine to wear maxi. Make sure your sures are comfy for the day. Also, take some sort of cardigan / jacket with you as race courses tend to be very open to the elements, and shaded by the grandstand you can get a bit nippy! Many, many people make this mistake. Especially if you are there in to the evening when it cools off anyway. Make sure you have a couple of pens in your bag, handy for selecting your bets on the race card, and you can make a guaranteed bet that someone will ask you for a pen!
Good tip: Take some change in a bag with you - less tempting to put a larger bet on than if you have a fiver / tenner in your hand. Between races, go down to where they walk the horses out before the race,by the stables, and chat to the grooms... they generally know which horse will win better than most.
Have a fab day at the races

minipie Fri 29-Jul-11 14:36:49

I want to know what's in your other wardrobe.


tethersend Fri 29-Jul-11 14:40:07

I want to know why this isn't in S&B. Are we not good enough for you over there? Hmm?


But, to be fair, I've never been to the races so am about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. I wouldn't do maxi and fascinator though.

tethersend Fri 29-Jul-11 14:40:41

Have you got a link to the dress? Or can you describe it?

farnywarny Fri 29-Jul-11 15:06:48

Pootles2010 I did a car boot last week and shifted loads blush

farnywarny Fri 29-Jul-11 15:07:31

its a navy quite slim and very long maxi from warehouse with lots of silver beading rounf the neckline.

It sounds vile when you explain it haha

farnywarny Fri 29-Jul-11 15:10:46

kind of like this one

InstantAtom Fri 29-Jul-11 15:12:38

The outfit you have in mind sounds fine to me. Don't know if your "sparkly flats" are open/closed but just bear possible mud in mind!

OpheliaBumps Fri 29-Jul-11 15:16:28

I've been to Chester Races a few times, but not in the posh bit <common as muck emoticon>, you'll be fine in a maxi and fascinator.

I've worn jeans to an evening race meet once as well, you can get away with anything at Chester!

Pootles2010 Fri 29-Jul-11 15:34:53

Oh and you'll want something to hang your badge from - handbag strap is normally good.

Don't think you can wear denim in county stand Ophelia, you certainly can't at York, and at Ascot in the Royal Box your straps must be no thinner than 1 inch, although I would imagine Chester's a bit more laid back?

That dress is really nice, much nicer than most maxi dresses! I think you'll get away with it, being navy makes it much smarter imho.

farnywarny Fri 29-Jul-11 16:42:40

thanks for the replies! The fascinator is grey and matches the shoes and bag and also the silver beading on the dress

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