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to be really annoyed at people changing times, or not turning up

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Elemis Fri 29-Jul-11 12:56:14

3 days I waited in for the sky engineers

I have phoned 3 handymen about my collapsing stairs, and they have all let me down, I am currently waiting in for one to come back, last seen at 9am this morning on his way to Wickes to buy some wood.

Had a hell of a mix up with an interview, supposed to be Wed, then Friday, then Thursday, so I had to change all sorts of things and then change them back again.

Finally booked a tennis lesson(only been meaning to for a year blush )and the coach lets me down.

booked appointment at fertility clinic, took a huge amount of strength and effort to do that, and now they have said their specialist is on leave that day

Booked the babysitter in for a date, 3 weeks ago, and now she can't do it, and there is no-one else that can put DS to bed.

Very hopeful about 3 job interviews, and hearing nothing

So frustrated, feel like I can't organise anything.

And then my stupid estranged husband emails me with "shall we go out for lunch on Sunday to some fancy place?" with some of my family and friends who will be visiting and DS.
Er no.... we won't. It was only last week you told me you hated them all, and you couldn't possibly have lunch with DS as you haven't got patience enough to pick up a dropped fork, let alone, get a very active 4 year old to sit still for a fancy lunch

And breathe...

Elemis Fri 29-Jul-11 13:50:50

so the walkabout handyman called and said he would be half an hour, that was an hour ago

And when he turns up, I will still have to stay in, cos I don't know him from Adam

What a waste of a day, might sit down and watch telly

CustardCake Fri 29-Jul-11 13:51:19

YANBU - waiting in for people who don't turn up is the pits especially when it happens several times in a row. We've had it too - we're waiting for someone to come back and fix our gutter and someone else to fix a pipe too. If they can't do it or the job's too small to worth their bother then why don't they just say?
The babysitter thing is very annoying too as its hard enough to find one in the first place let alone at short notice if you get let down. And also its maddening when you've arranged something and ticked it off your list of things to do only to find you have to redo everything on the bloody list all over again because everything you've arranged and sorted out gets cancelled

Elemis Fri 29-Jul-11 15:51:21

well the handyman has fixed the stairs, so that's one job done.

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