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to be thoroughly annoyed that 2 new halogen lightbulbs broke within a month considering the cost?

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Orbinator Thu 28-Jul-11 23:54:27

I know they are meant to be enviro friendly (until you go to throw them away of course, no one mentions that bit!) but they are driving me mental. The halogen ones are quicker to warm up than the other kind (soz forgotten what the differences are now - basically the crap ones) which were like warming the dead and gave an ethereal glow, but really, if they don't last more than a month or so, may cause brain cancer if put too close to heads (low level flooring to be forced upon us next, anyone?) and contaminate the earth for eons upon hitting a landfill, then AIBU to ask what why we don't get a choice between these and NORMAL bulbs in UK?

Orbinator Thu 28-Jul-11 23:57:14

Maybe the efficient Germans got it wrong?

Or maybe we should just all check our neighbours haven't thrown any away in the same week as us?

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