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FUCK! I need some help asap.

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BallsamIBusted Thu 28-Jul-11 22:29:27

I need to remove an old thread I may or may not have said something on. Thing is, I can't find the bloody thing. If I close down my MN account and connecting email address with all threads that I had featured on be removed? (I remember when Riven first left all her threads were just removed).

Anyone shine any light on this? It's rather urgent.

Tchootnika Thu 28-Jul-11 22:30:40

Why not contact MNHQ?

Or do a search on yourself and request deletion of all you've said?

PurveyorOfBaloney Thu 28-Jul-11 22:30:41

Ask MNHQ for help finding it.

If it was in chat it may well have gone anyway, they only last for a certain time frame.

AgentZigzag Thu 28-Jul-11 22:30:50

Maybe report your thread to MNHQ and tell them what's happened, I'm sure they'll be able to help smile

worraliberty Thu 28-Jul-11 22:31:14

Can you put some key words in a search of your nickname?

faverolles Thu 28-Jul-11 22:31:24

You could try contacting mnhq and asking them to remove all posts under that username?

Valpollicella Thu 28-Jul-11 22:32:49

MNHQ can retrospectively change all your posts to another name, if that would be any help?

Do email them and explain - they are very good at helping out where they can

Alternatively you can ask them to delete all your previous posts, but they aren't keen on doing that as a rule, as it can leave gaping holes in conversations if you were prolific.

Good luck and hope all will be ok

BallsamIBusted Thu 28-Jul-11 22:33:05

I've searched my nickname (obv not this one) searched the particular words, and the particular words of a link I may or may not have posted but it's coming up with nothing.

Think it was in Chat at a push it was AIBU.

Valpollicella Thu 28-Jul-11 22:34:15

Oh, and actually answering your q in op - closing your account won't remove all the posts under that account - it will just prevent you posting under that name/s under that email account

BallsamIBusted Thu 28-Jul-11 22:36:07

Ok have reported to MNHQ. WIll change back to normal nick for the time being. Will they get back to me via email or inbox me to this name (which surely I won't receive? Or will I?)

Tchootnika Thu 28-Jul-11 22:37:46

Inbox should relate to password rather than nickname (and your email -surely?) - so you should get messages...

BehindLockNumberNine Thu 28-Jul-11 22:38:10

Don't posts in chat automatically disappear after a time anyway? Only, I recall people starting a thread with the words 'posting here so this disappears'....
That may be why you cannot find it?

nojustificationneeded Thu 28-Jul-11 22:39:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nojustificationneeded Thu 28-Jul-11 22:40:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aristocat Thu 28-Jul-11 22:44:42

chat threads last 90 days ..... may it have gone already?

AmberLeaf Thu 28-Jul-11 23:13:45

If in chat it may have disappeared.

Cant you find it on 'threads im on' ?

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