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to be annoyed even tho hes hurt himself

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biddysmama Wed 27-Jul-11 10:32:05

theres some unowned/overgrown land at the bottom of the garden.. ds is 9 and i tell him never to go over there, if his ball goes over then its gone, never never ever go over there,....

he went over after his ball yesterday, dropped down onto a nail, went through his shoe into his foot

so we went to a&e, needed gluing and antibax

im stuck between thinking hes hurt so thats punishment or taking a token out of his box (the same system as school use) because he went over knowing he wasnt allowed?

TheOriginalFAB Wed 27-Jul-11 10:33:59

Take the token out. He might carry on doing things that aren't allowed and saying he has hurt himself if he thinks he will get away with it.

worraliberty Wed 27-Jul-11 10:41:37

I think being hurt is punishment enough.

When I was 9 I stood on the toilet to look out the window (despite be warned not to)...slipped and gashed my chin on the cystern.

That was the turning point when I decided parents don't just say 'NO' for the hell of it blush

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