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To want a TV in the bedroom?

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PrettyCandles Tue 26-Jul-11 22:03:25

Or is it a bad idea?

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Tue 26-Jul-11 22:04:39

Each to their own. I've got a tv in my bedroom and I love it. Lazy sunday morning tv. Late night cuddled up watching a film. S'nice.

piprabbit Tue 26-Jul-11 22:09:15

It's a life saver - DCs get up early on the weekend, we put Cbeebies on very, very quietly so we can sleep for an extra 30 mins.

queenmaeve Tue 26-Jul-11 22:14:12

I bloody love it. I go up early on dark evenings and watch it or love lying in on saturdays watching it. I dont get the whole the bedroom is only for sleeping in.

youbethemummylion Tue 26-Jul-11 22:16:20

no tv in my bedroom because there is no where to put it, it seems an unnecessary expense, bedrooms are for sleeping in, we prefer to spend time as family not in seperate rooms watching TV (even if that means watching some utter drivel i.e spongebob fot the kids documentaries for the OH) oh as well as I'm so knackered on an evening I'd never actually stay awake for a whole programme let alone a film!

But I just love it when I stay in a hotel so I can get all comfy in bed and watch a film or pop the news on while I wake up in the morning.

So do whatever suits you really there is no right or wrong.

nightowlmostly Tue 26-Jul-11 22:16:28

I've always resisted but in the last two days have relented. It'll be really nice for watching late night films and when you're not well.

Empusa Tue 26-Jul-11 22:22:34

I find it's useful, both DH and I suffer badly with insomnia. So sometimes it's easier to sleep with background noise.

PrettyCandles Tue 26-Jul-11 22:29:50

Yeah, I sort of get the 'bedrooms are for sleeping in' thing. But is that still really the case when you have young dc and they pile in and out at every hour "Read to me, Daddy!" "Can I go over to Joe's house?" "Bad dreeeeeeam, Mummy" "Why do clouds?"

And if we wanted to make love, I don't think A Question of Sport would stop us.

I usually fall asleep on the sofa, so I might as well fall asleep in bed! And when the dc are asleep and dh and I are just snuggled up on the sofa watching something, well we might as well be snuggled up in bed. And then we would end up going to sleep earlier because we'd already have washed and be in pjs.

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