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to have had enough of the summer holidays already

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biddysmama Tue 26-Jul-11 11:21:31

9year old is winding the 2 year old, who is screaming, 10 month is knackered but cant sleep because of the screaming... is it september yet?

Dawnybabe Tue 26-Jul-11 11:36:23

Yesterday Dd1 told me she was bored at about 10am-ish, she ended up in tears three seperate times from being naughty, I scalded my fingers in spilling the kettle, looks like Dd2 is coming down with something, found an ants nest outside the back door, yep it's the holidays.....

Ambergambler Tue 26-Jul-11 11:36:56

Oh yes... school hols are far longer whne you are the adult! Find something to occupy the 9 year old, I always find that they suddenly think of something to do when you offer to find something for them. Especially if your finds include tidying /hoovering or similar grin " yr od should then settle down a bit and 10 month old can sleep. Then have yourself a coffee and 5 minutes peace!

sleepindogz Tue 26-Jul-11 11:37:42

take them out, get off the computer and go to the park smile

they are bored


Dawnybabe Thu 28-Jul-11 23:59:16

We'd already been swimming... half an hour after we get home it's forgotten about. I don't think I should provide non-stop entertainment, they need to be bored occasionally to learn to think for themselves.

God it's a slow process though!

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