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To think getting a pet should be an informed and researched decision and not just whatever you can get on freecycle?

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nojustificationneeded Sun 24-Jul-11 17:26:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LineRunner Sun 24-Jul-11 17:30:52

I wouldn't let people like that own a gnat.

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Sun 24-Jul-11 17:31:06

The mods aren't supposed to allow requests for livestock, report it.

LineRunner Sun 24-Jul-11 17:32:56

Even if she's just asking for free pet-related stuff, it makes you wonder how she would feel about paying vet bills.

Pets are not cheap. They are not a hobby. They cost a lot of money.

Esta3GG Sun 24-Jul-11 17:37:51

Animals as disposable plaything - makes me puke.

nojustificationneeded Sun 24-Jul-11 17:40:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DogsBestFriend Sun 24-Jul-11 17:48:38

That's appalling. Please report it to the Mods and point out that there is no guarantee even that this is a mother and kids at all... for all we know they could be animal abusers after anything they can get their hands on for dog-baiting, vivisection or various other types of cruelty. That's aside of course of the inevitable fact that these animals will suffer neglect - no decent human being obtains pets in this way.

I've a copy of an article which shows what happened to one particular pet when he was given away to a reputed "family home". I'm struggling to find it right now but if/when I do I'll post it here and ask that you forward the link to the Freecylce Mods too.

zukiecat Sun 24-Jul-11 17:48:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EuphemiaMcGonagall Sun 24-Jul-11 17:49:32

Most people seem to have that attitude - kid wants a hamster, get it a hamster; puppies are cute, let's get a puppy.

Oh - thing needs walked. Pay a dog-walker. Oh. Thing chews stuff. Buy new stuff.

Maybe we over-think things, but no way DD (9) is getting a pet if she can't even be relied upon to do her current daily chores without complaint, and no way we're getting a dog while we both work.

Many people are selfish, instant-gratification-seekers who need to grow up.

Scuttlebutter Sun 24-Jul-11 17:50:32

Please report the poster to the mods asap. Most Freecycles (rightly) don't allow posts for pets/livestock.

DogsBestFriend Sun 24-Jul-11 17:54:52

The reason why nobody should ever buy or sell a pet on any free ads - From RSPCA Cheshire's website:

"Some people around Guildford and other areas, are taking on free or very cheap family dogs and using them in the brutal illegal sport, dog fighting.
These dogs are caged and forced to fight other dogs that are trained to kill for money.
As you can imagine it is a devastating end to a once loved part of the family.
Dogs that will not fight are tied up and used as 'bait dogs' to be the punch bag for fighting dogs in training.

A lady who gave her Golden retriever away to a supposedly loving home,
got a call only 2 weeks later from the RSPCA that had found her dead dog in a dog fighting establishment, tied up and its muzzle duck taped after it had been mauled to death by other dogs.
The microchip was still holding her previous owners address.
This is happening all the time, Dogs are also being stolen from homes and gardens and used to support this horrible sport. "

Still searching for the website page written by the owner herself.

AandK Sun 24-Jul-11 18:04:55

do you think she may have done it in the hope that no one will actually answer her so its a way for her to get out of it......??

I certainly wouldn't let anybosy like that have a pet

zukiecat Sun 24-Jul-11 18:05:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nojustificationneeded Sun 24-Jul-11 18:14:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nojustificationneeded Sun 24-Jul-11 18:17:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DogsBestFriend Sun 24-Jul-11 18:22:18

AandK, don't be so sure. IME far too many people don't give a shit what happens to their pet once they want rid of him, so long as he's gone and gone fast. sad

nojustification, please email your Mods and tell them what I've said above (I'm a rescuer and campaigner and see abuse of "wanted/offeredfree to a good home" ads all too frequently). Perhaps ask them if they would like a paragraph on how to responsibly rehome or obtain a pet, which they could then copy and paste to those who try to advertise Freecycle? If so I'm happy to write it or if you'd rather I'm sure Zukiecat, ScuttleButter or QuietTiger would happily do it for you.

LineRunner Sun 24-Jul-11 18:25:00

This is weird and wrong.

Most councils' Trading Standards departments are well aware of their animal welfare responsibilities so please do report it to them as well. Everyone, please. An email off the council website takes a minute or two. Thanks.

valiumredhead Sun 24-Jul-11 18:26:54

How is it different from her going to the nearset RSPCA or similar? At least she's willing to rehome them and isn't insisting on kittens puppies.

DogsBestFriend Sun 24-Jul-11 18:27:41

Nothing the council can do AFAIK, LineRunner except, if they were exceptionally pro-active, write to the FC Mods and advise them of the dangers of such adverts.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 24-Jul-11 18:29:27

We had a couple of wanted posts a while back which made me hmm

First one was "my daughter really wants a guinea pig so we need a cage and all the stuff for it"

Second one was "has anyone got any spare guinea pigs?"

AandK Sun 24-Jul-11 18:32:00

I got my cat off pre loved. (he was a kitten when we got him) he is a lovely pet with a great character and doesn't hold back in telling all my 3 dogs who exactly rules the roost.

I think those sights are good if you're a genuine buyer or seller that is lookin for/to sell a well thought out pet.

Asking for anything as long as its free is disgusting.

And lots of people have had to get rid of pets in the last couple of years due to the recession I'm quite sure a lot of those would be sad if their well loved pet had been treated in a similar way

LineRunner Sun 24-Jul-11 18:32:49

DBF, Fortunately we have a wonderful dog service at my council and the Team Manager would definitely act on any concrete information. Admittedly, advertising dogs and other animals isn't itself evidence and I agree it's not an easy investigation for a council.

However, isn't every county's police force supposed to have a dedicated dog liaison officer? I wouldn't mind a few of the police's powers...

People pushing for action, that's the main thing.

Punkatheart Sun 24-Jul-11 18:33:21

Makes me sad and makes me angry. People also get chickens are a whim and then ask stupid questions like 'Do they need water?'

I do months of research before I get a pet. I would never ever get one on a whim. Yes, report. I would.

DogsBestFriend Sun 24-Jul-11 18:34:28


1. There's no guarantee that this is a woman with kids and not a dog fighter/vivisectionist/animal abuser.

2. No guarantee she/he won't select unneutered pets and treat them as a profit making breeding stock

3. No guarantee that even if this is a family home that they have the facilities, ability, finances or even, if tenants, LL's permissions to keep pets.

Any decent rescue will homecheck to ensure you are who you say you are, that you are allowed the pet, that you can care for it properly, that you haven't another 20 already (animal hoarders love Free to a good home ads) and soforth.

They will also neuter or spay the pet before rehoming - not to do so is disgracefully irresponsible - and offer a lifetimes' support and be insistant that the pet is returned to them if the owner can't keep him, even if that's 10 years down the line. All too often people throw pets out or have them killed at the vets - others might call it put to sleep, we call it killing - because they can't keep him and have nowhere to take him. You can't just turn up at rescue and expect them to take the pet there and then, there just isn't space, although folk seem to assume that they can.

TheMonster Sun 24-Jul-11 18:36:09

If she cannot afford the equipment needed to have a pet then surely she cannot afford the upkeep. How sad.

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