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To think they should continue to sell swimwear into the summer holidays?

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noblegiraffe Sun 24-Jul-11 17:09:17

It's not even August and they are clearing out the swimwear in the sale and putting out the autumn clothes, there are only size 20+ swimsuits left!

I can't be the only person who doesn't shop for my summer holiday months in advance.

LineRunner Sun 24-Jul-11 17:11:33

Try getting Christmas chocolate tree decorations on Christmas Eve. The shelves are stripped bare to make way for easter eggs.


BitOfFun Sun 24-Jul-11 17:12:19

Airports sell hundreds though, if you are going abroad.

munstersmum Sun 24-Jul-11 17:23:23

YANBU The fun part is booking a holiday and then as it approaches buying a few bits to rejuvenate your wardrobe which increases the anticipation nicely. Who wants to look at swimwear in February when I don't even know where I'll be holidaying usually? The whole seasons in advance thing is barmy.

Bearcat Sun 24-Jul-11 17:32:14

The thing that always makes me feel a bit sad is when they start displaying school uniforms for sale and the poor kids have only just started their summer hoildays!

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