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AIBU to think not again as man kills 5 in skating rink?

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Mitmoo Sun 24-Jul-11 11:12:28

'Five dead' at Texas skating rink party shooting At least five people have been killed and three injured in a shooting at a roller-skating rink birthday party in Texas, police say.

The shooting happened after an argument erupted at the party in the city of Grand Prairie, close to Dallas.

The gunman is among the dead, having shot himself after opening fire on fellow guests, police say.

Details about the incident are sketchy but police say the row was a "domestic disturbance between husband and wife".
Witnesses described seeing people fleeing the rink in panic after the gunman opened fire.

The injured party guests were taken to hospital and there is no information yet about their condition.

It is not clear what motivated the attacker but some reports said the gunman, a US-born Muslim, was unhappy about being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Police in Texas say this shooting appears to have escalated from a private family dispute.

mumblechum1 Sun 24-Jul-11 11:13:58

Why on earth would he join the Army knowing he's likely to be sent to Iraq/Afghanistan.

But that's a side issue. How horrifying for all concerned

schomberg Sun 24-Jul-11 11:15:02

A fight at a crowded Kent car show escalated Saturday afternoon, leaving 10 people shot as cars sped away from the scene and frightened spectators ducked into the safety of nearby businesses.

Mitmoo Sun 24-Jul-11 11:18:16

Another one! I really don't know what the answer is.

Esta3GG Sun 24-Jul-11 11:22:39

Murderous arseholes will get their hands on weapons in any society but when they are handed out on a plate what do you expect?
Only America could combine liquor stores with gun shops and then wonder why so many people get shot.

midnightservant Sun 24-Jul-11 11:24:22

For the US to give up the right to bear arms?

For my part, I am haunted by an incident related in the book Emotional Intelligence. Father hears noise in house, investigates with gun in hand, daughter jumps out of wardrobe as a practical joke...sad sad sad

schomberg Sun 24-Jul-11 11:25:27

A small part of me says ban men.

catgirl1976 Sun 24-Jul-11 14:33:18

Agree with midnight servant. Get rid of the guns - get rid of the shootings. Although it is odd Canada seems to have more guns on none of the problems

BooBooGlass Sun 24-Jul-11 14:37:34

FFS. Ban men? WHat's all the man hate today? I love a man. And I'm raising a man. It's nothing to do with their gender for christs sake.

Goblinchild Sun 24-Jul-11 14:40:22

I remember a documentary on a city that was half in the States and half in Canada. The gun crimes stateside were far more, and more deaths, than the Canadian half of the city.
Different cultures?

Esta3GG Sun 24-Jul-11 14:42:10

It was Michael Moore's documentary wasn't it? Canada has many more guns that the US but a fraction of the gun crime.
There is certainly a cutural element to this.

catgirl1976 Sun 24-Jul-11 14:44:09

Yes - that's where I saw it and it was such a stark contrast. Still I cannot get my head round a country where you can buy guns at the off licence / Walmart. Better gun control would help but I doubt it will happen in the US

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