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won a pram dirt cheap on ebay and seller has not responed to my emails

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itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:17:39

Self explainatory really!
I emailed the seller asking if she wanted cash on collection or pay pal payment, and to let me know when I could pick it up.
This was about 4 oclock and have not heard anything back.
I am just getting abit worried that because it sold so cheaply, they are going to pull out of the sale.
Can they do that?
AIBU to email again now, checking that they got my first email?

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 23-Jul-11 20:19:10

You emailed them four hours ago and are annoyed that they haven't replied? Good god. Maybe they are, oh I don't know, out?

dickiedavisthunderthighs Sat 23-Jul-11 20:19:40

People aren't always sitting in front of their computers when their auction ends. They could even be away for the weekend. If you send another email you'll just look pushy and annoy them.
If they don't respond after the weekend then you ought to contact again and if they do try to pull out you can report them as a non-performing seller.

KnickKnack Sat 23-Jul-11 20:19:46

its a lovely sunny Saturday...they're probably just out for the day. I'd wait until at least tomorrow (or even Monday)

belledechocchipcookie Sat 23-Jul-11 20:20:20

In a hurry are you? grin Give them some time.

jimswifein1964 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:22:03

lol lol.

itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:25:06

Thought so!

No not annoyed - where did I say that lady hmm and I dont appreciate your sarcasam. Lowest form of wit.

Just asking opinions on what is the norm, thats all, before double checking with them.

I am abit of a worrier thats all, with pregnancy hormones to boot.

I shall just leave it then.

itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:26:02

Belle yes! I want it NOW grin

SkelleyBones Sat 23-Jul-11 20:26:40

I won a £400 pram for £40, if looks could have killed when I picked it up I'd have been 6 foot under he he

itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:29:37

Yeah thats about what I've done SkellyBones! Bargain of the year, but I will feel bad picking it up. Might have to send DP instead.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sat 23-Jul-11 20:31:17

Pay by Paypal and then they can't back out (or less easily). They can't demand 'cash on collection', they have to accept paypal.

It has only been a few hours though OP and it may be that they have other things occupying their attention on a Saturday. Be patient. smile

Bogeyface Sat 23-Jul-11 20:31:28

You definitely need to give them some time, infact doesnt ebay say that you can expect to get a reply within 1-2 days?

But that said, if they do pull out I wouldnt be surprised, but I would be annoyed! Like Skelley I once got a real bargain on a pram on eBay and the sellers refused to complete saying they were relisting as it didnt go for enough. If you want a certain amount then add a reserve and if you dont want to do that, as it does put people off bidding, you cant complain (or give Skelleybones filthy looks grin) if you dont get the price you want!

SkelleyBones Sat 23-Jul-11 20:37:36

Mine is the best pram i've ever had too, it was meant to be a spare but ended up being the main one, send DH lol

itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:38:40

Thanks - yeah I may do the pay by paypal thing, if its been a while longer with no reply if it makes it more difficult to back out.
I do feel its a shame for them that its sold so low, but the auction started at 99p and they put in their add in capitals 'may be a bargain as no reserve', and thats the risk you take. However, yes it is brill for me, I would never be able to afford one new.
Thats a real shame bogeyface, i will be gutted if that did happen.

Bogeyface Sat 23-Jul-11 20:43:28

I reported them itsy, and eventually got a better pram (my beloved SilverCross coachbuilt!) so screw 'em grin

smoggii Sat 23-Jul-11 20:45:55

People know when they put things on e-bay at a low price they will get what someone will pay sometimes it goes your way sometimes it goes the other way too. I sold a quinny buzz, with all the gubbins including a used once carrycot for £57, I was pleased for the recipient because I needed the space and wanted it gone. But I've had some bargains too so good for me!

Give them time to respond. If they put it on at 99p they were obviously willing to let it go for that. e-bay is flooded with baby stuff at the moment so noone is getting good money for anything.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your new pram

itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:59:17

Bogeyface grin lucky you. They are gorgeous, I love Silver Cross.

Thankyou smoggii smile

itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 21:41:53

aaah alls well!
picking up tommorow grin
now heres hoping it fits in the car!

FabbyChic Sat 23-Jul-11 21:50:01

If it's worth more pay more for it. I won a glass desk for 6 quid gave them 20

sarahtigh Sat 23-Jul-11 21:50:55

unfortunately most pick up are cash only as some unscruplous buyers pay by paypal then pick up then claim via ebay item not received seller has no proof obviously so buyer gets refund seller gets black mark it happens often enough for most sellers to insist on cash on collection. if they insist on paying with paypla may make them wait until its cleared to bank account which takes 3-4 days especially with big items like cars etc, but glad its all sorted for you

if you are selling you can not query not paying until after 4 days so I think you have to give people a minimum of 24-48 hours to reply

enjoy the pram i have silver cross too love it though bulky

pigletmania Sat 23-Jul-11 21:56:01

skelly not your fault, they should have put a higher minimum price on it, or a reserve. OP its only been 4 hours, give them a chance, they could be away for the weekend.

squeakytoy Sat 23-Jul-11 22:03:03

If it is a bulky item (as a pram would be) a seller is allowed to accept cash on collection only, providing they state that on the auction.

itsybitsy08 Sat 23-Jul-11 22:04:12

Sarahtigh thats awful. Would never even occur to me that people would do something like that. Although saying that, when you think about it, sadly it is not that suprising.

Fabby DP has already said that we should give her abit more, i won it for slightly less than my budget, so i think we will round it up to that - i would feel bad otherwise. Still a bargain though and i am over the moon.

Tis great ebay, you get a real buzz, retail therepy at its best grin

SkelleyBones Sun 24-Jul-11 15:16:01

Gee Fabby that's generous of you lol Would you walk into Tesco's and say no I do not want that 3 for 2, here have another fiver ? If so can you please come to my shop I have lots for you to buy !

TheMonster Sun 24-Jul-11 15:19:21

I've had people win my items for low amounts and pay more when they have collected. It's nice when that happens smile

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