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To cringe watching John barrowman

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PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:41:56

Making someones 'dreams come true' by singing love me for a reason.....
Cheesy voice over and all!!!!!
I can think of better 'dream nights' lol

LineRunner Sat 23-Jul-11 19:44:40

I like him better in Torchwood because there's an outside chance he might be killed.

AtYourCervix Sat 23-Jul-11 19:45:31

YABU. And I so would.

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:46:18

Yeah, I was gutted when they saved him with computer batter acid grin

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:46:54

If u have a cervix I suspect ur not his type wink

mycatsaysach Sat 23-Jul-11 19:47:13

grin torchwood

mute button on in our house whenever he threatens to 'sing'.dd still has nightmares about him in his vest and pants dance routine on children in creepy.

ceebeegeebies Sat 23-Jul-11 19:47:14

I am not watching it (but funnily enough DH is watching an old Doctor Who with him in it!) but he could sing Love me for a reason to me anytime he wanted grin

LineRunner Sat 23-Jul-11 19:49:06

PIMSoclock The only man who cannot be killed suddenly is being killed and then he's not killed because of 'computer batter acid'.

Glad you're paying attention.

belledechocchipcookie Sat 23-Jul-11 19:49:19

Too much TV exposure. It's very vomitous (if that's a word).

LineRunner Sat 23-Jul-11 19:50:18

mycatssayach grin

LineRunner Sat 23-Jul-11 19:51:54

Do you think people like John Barrowman actually read these threads? I mean, when they google their own names twenty times a day?

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:52:13

Line runner... Uv lost me confused

so I was wrong to be rooting for the battery acid?! grin

TheCrackFox Sat 23-Jul-11 19:52:18

I can't get to grips with his American/Scottish accent thing. Make your bloody mind up.

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:53:34

<<waves at John barrowman>>
no offence John, but quit while u are ahead and don't let yourself spiral into Dale winton....

babeinthewood Sat 23-Jul-11 19:55:19

sorry but if he turns straight, im first in the queue! grin

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:56:02

Dale winton is straight??????????? [shocked]

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:57:03

And I bet he would fight you for the mirror in the morning, AND sing into a hairbrush LOTS!!!

squeakytoy Sat 23-Jul-11 19:58:09

I saw JB on ThisMorning last week... botoxed to the hilt, and the same colour of orange as his shirt.. he looked ridiculous.

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:59:08

Oh GOD!!!!
Greatest day?? Please, cut off my ears so I can't listen (remote control is too far to reach) grin

PIMSoclock Sat 23-Jul-11 19:59:54

Squeaky, you won't be able to tell him and Dale winton apart soon wink

peggotty Sat 23-Jul-11 19:59:54

I just don't get the John Barrowman adoration. He looks like a Ken doll.

PonceyMcPonce Sat 23-Jul-11 20:00:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LineRunner Sat 23-Jul-11 20:00:46

Sorry PIMS. I just loved the typo. 'Computer batter acid'. He actually deserves pancake mix all over his face.

LillyTheMinx Sat 23-Jul-11 20:00:46

It is a cringefest

Becaroooo Sat 23-Jul-11 20:02:49

VERY cringey

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