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to think that if you book a forrin holiday somewhere hot you could expect a bit of sodding sun?

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AtYourCervix Sat 23-Jul-11 15:36:17

Off next week. Just checked the forecast.



last few holidays we've had in this country while lovely were a bit chilly and damp

Scotland - cold and wet
Cornwall - muggy and damp
Yorkshire - cool and wet.

So this year we're off to forrin climes in need of some warmth and sun.




smugmumofboys Sat 23-Jul-11 15:42:05

Same here.

Am gutted. Off to France camping. Cloudy and showery.

Vendee meant to be the second sunniest place in France.

My arse.

valiumredhead Sat 23-Jul-11 15:43:15

Where are you going? It will still be hot and the rain will be warm! I remember swimming in a pool in Greece and it was soooooooo cloudy it was ridiculous - also got REALLY burned that day even with no sign of sun at all so be careful!

sb6699 Sat 23-Jul-11 16:06:28

Poor you!

If its any consolation I went abroad in June and had torrential rain and thunderstorms just about the whole time.

StayingNearlyHeadlessNicksGirl Sat 23-Jul-11 16:06:32

We had similar experiences with holidays in Britain - basically it rained wherever we went, so we decided to go to the Vendee (as you say, smugmum, supposedly the second sunniest part of France), in the hopes of some sunshine, and it bloody rained there, more than half the days we were there.

Even when we went down to the Cote D'Azur, we didn't escape the rain altogether - we did get lots of lovely hot sun, but at least once each holiday, the heavens opened and we had spectacularly large amounts of rain.

'Tis sunny in our bit of scotland today, though....

AtYourCervix Sat 23-Jul-11 16:08:16

going to croatia.

should i bother trying to find a sunblock i'm not allergic to?

frenchfancy Sat 23-Jul-11 16:09:47


The Vendee is one of the sunniest areas of france, the rest of france has been under rain clouds all week, we got one really bad day, but the rest, whilst mixed, has been ok.

The past 2 days have been sunny, and the forecast is for it to get better, with unbroken sunshine by the middle of next week. Don't forget to pack the suntan cream.

smugmumofboys Sat 23-Jul-11 16:17:25

Thanks Frenchfancy. That has made me smile as I've been angry since seeing the forecast.

mx5hairdresser Sat 23-Jul-11 17:38:54

unfortunately you will not get much more sun / heat on the western coast of france as they are near the atlantic which is the cause of the crap weather in this country.
if you want guaranteed good weather then make sure to go somewhere bordered by the Med!

Bearcat Sat 23-Jul-11 21:36:12

Went to the Vendee to a mobile home in August 98. Think we had 5 good days out of 14.
Used to hear the rain falling on the caravan roof most nights. The campsite potholes in the road were constantly waterlogged.
We spent £1600 on that holiday, having holidayed mostly in the UK until then as we couldn't afford abroad.
After that we did 5 years in Majorca where we could 95% of the time guarantee the weather.

Sirzy Sat 23-Jul-11 21:40:30

Hope you get some sunshine!

We spent a week in Minorca in the rain last year - saw some cracking storms though!!

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