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to think we should have a WWYD section on MN?

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Thruaglassdarkly Sat 23-Jul-11 02:12:43

...because, let's face it, lots of us are undecided about stuff when we post on AIBU. We're wondering what course of action to take in a given situation. However, when we post on AIBU, many posters assume we've already taken the course of action that we're still deliberating about and they respond accordingly. Sometimes they end up roasting us before we've even taken the decision.

Should we have a new board asking WWYD? It might save a lot of bickering and upset caused by posters assuming people had taken certain courses of action that, in reality, they were just considering and asking advice about.

TBH, I'm NOT asking whether I'm BU. More whether there's a call for this sort of board.

sims2fan Sat 23-Jul-11 02:13:46

There's already a WWYD board

Thruaglassdarkly Sat 23-Jul-11 02:18:04

Is there? It seems people post wwyd on here though so I had no idea. Thanks for that sims2fan. (And can I just ask whether you've tried Sims3 as it's even better!)

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