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To Be thoroughly P'd off with My Tight Arsed Last Minute Larry DH

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rockinhippy Fri 22-Jul-11 16:51:54

& to be refusing point blank to
1. look for a Summer holiday until DDs new passport is actually in my hand.

2. have no intention to repeat the last Passport office fiasco of several hair tearing trips to & from London the day before we flew as the passport office staff were so overly "efficient" hmm with my then not quite 3 yr old DDs professionally photo etc not "meeting the criteria" hmm

I've had to ask DH to fill in the passport forms, I've health problems that make following paperwork difficult, & I've been particularly bad recently & I just can't trust myself not to make mistakes, or even spot my mistakes, so as much as it gauls me, as I just know it will become a first class PITA, its just something I have to pass over to him.

I've been waiting & waiting for my always last minute Larry DH to get his act together & fill in the forms - 2 months later after my finally telling him he'd better get time off anyway because if can't go, then HE is staying home & looking after whilst I go off on my own - that followed by a few jibes about me looking forward to my solitary world cruise etc.

My intention was to take them to the Post office, pay & get them checked, saves time & from what I understand it fast tracks them a bit - something I didn't do last time as he was whinging about what a con it was - he does have a point, but as it ended up costing us a LOT more in train fare & stress last year - I was more than happy to pay

He finally gets it all done & drives to visit a friend to sign the photos etc - Tuesday - I ask for the forms that night & mention taking them to the PO in the morning - he has one of his tight arsed little rants about it been a con & why should we have to pay extra, when its expensive enough etc etc - seems he's forgotten the stress I had last time aroundangry -I don't argue - no point, but will do it my way anyway - but where the hell is it hmm - finally see him with it last night

SOOooooo I'm looking for the passport again today - can't find it - ring him & its in his sodding bag at work as "I'm not leaving it with you, as you'll do as you like, I'm posting it" angry

He insists I'm wrong that we won't have any more problems posting it & won't get it back any slower -(short memory or what angry HE is the one desperate for a holiday, but just can't seem to get past his stubborn arsed last minute Larry persona to actually get the thing done

AIBU to leave him too it & not put myself out to get the passport quicker if it all goes Tits up & doesn't come back quickly

Excuse typos - migraine from hell again

Needed a rantangry - had a tough 1st school holiday day with DD too, so buggering off & leaving them to it sounds more & more inviting ATM

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Fri 22-Jul-11 17:02:11

Deep breath grin Just leave it. If it doesn't come back in time, go away in october, or holiday in the uk this year. Don't wind yourself up about it. Tell him fine, it's all in his hands and he can sort it all out. If it gets sorted, all well and good. If it doesn't work out, you have something to throw at him in every argument for the next ten years [win]

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Fri 22-Jul-11 17:02:38

or wink even.

but [win] is good too, cos that's what you'd be doing. grin

bellavita Fri 22-Jul-11 17:08:11

My colleague sent her DD's first passport off last week, it came back within the week all done and dusted.

I renewed the DS's in Feb, still only took a week and DH renewed his last month and it only took a week.

I think the Passport Office have got their act together.

sleepindogz Fri 22-Jul-11 17:08:21

the post office thing is a con

i have paid before to have it fast tracked, they checked it and it still came back as incorrect. Of course the PO take no responsibility for that, and definitely no refunds ! sad

so i am with your husband, just post it

bellavita Fri 22-Jul-11 17:09:24

Oh and we just posted ours too.

rockinhippy Mon 01-Aug-11 11:35:02

Thanks everyone - (blushI would have replied sooner but we lost our internet & I've been ill)

I had calmed down by the time he got home & didn't kill him grin -

your replies were very interesting as I had an absolute nightmare with DDs first passport 5 years ago & that was allowing several months for it to be sorted out, they were just so unreasonable it was unreal, like some sort of twisted monty python sketchhmm , so its very good to know they have got there act together grin

We still haven't got it back yet, though it did own up to not sending it until a few days laterhmm hopefully it will turn up this week or next or it will be the blackberry holiday before we can get away sad as DHs work have now just put a blanket ban on any end Aug & all Sept holidays - which was my intention due to inset days making it cheaper - angry

DH is also p'd off about it & now owns up to wishing he'd listened as our local friend told him she got her DDs back via the PO - in under a week - so seems it can help - though I'm not impressed they don't take responsibility if its wrong hmm - though not surprised as we had that same problem with DDs professionally taken photos not being accepted as passport approved, because the photography shop that took them insisted they were okay

thanks again for letting me rant & for the reassurance that we might get it back in time smile

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