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to think that the price for a bus journey for the same distance in the opposite direction should be the same?

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AuntieMaggie Fri 22-Jul-11 14:10:34

Regardless of the number of stops?

There is a journey I have been taking regularly and one way there are 3 stops, and the way back there are 4 (because it goes around a triangle one way system). It's £1.00 for the 3 stop journey but £2.00 for the return journey because of the extra stop despite being the same distance!

Am I barking? Or should this be the same price?

I have been paying £1.00 each way until yesterday I was told that it's £2.00 for the return journey because of the extra stop! I've emailed customer services who have replied that it is £2.00 for the return journey.

Any idea who regulates bus companies?

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