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to be considering changing nursery?

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MilaV Fri 22-Jul-11 13:40:36

Hi all, single working mum here. I have a dilemma and hope you can give me your thoughts - what would you do? DD, 3, is currently attending nursery at a private and very expensive nursery that's just around the corner for us. She knows the staff and the other children, and seems to like it. I'm not 100% happy with the nursery to be honest, but can tolerate it and I really think it's an important fact that DD seems OK. I was considering changing her to a children's centre to get more hours, but now I've been granted child tax credits that cover the difference to keep her in her current nursery. Children's centre seems fun and busy, but I'm not sure about changing her now. I would have to change her anyway school next year to primary school, so it seems like a lot of changes? What do you think?

MilaV Fri 22-Jul-11 13:41:27

oh well, I think I wrote it too fast. I hope it makes sense...

GlitterySkulls Fri 22-Jul-11 13:43:14

depends on what the issues are with the current nursery, i think.

MilaV Fri 22-Jul-11 14:24:06

Well, I particularly don't like one of the carers from her current nursery. She's got a very energetic and high tone of voice and I think it scares my daughter a little bit. I am sure she doesn't mean it, that's just the way she speaks. Plus, in her current nursery they seem a bit disorganized in their emails and confirming hours / sending me the weekly menu, etc... but overall she's fine, seems settled in and likes going to class and seeing her friends. The childrens centre has lots of children and they seem very well organized. They have a large outdoor space but I think there might be too many children? It's a huge building. And what are your thoughts, in general, about children's centres?

MilaV Fri 22-Jul-11 14:24:58

Oh I'm really not writing clearly, sorry, but DD is here asking me to play with one of her toys... you understand, I'm sure!

DoMeDon Fri 22-Jul-11 14:28:00

DD goes to children's centre- it is fab. They are well organised, well structured and monitered. DD loves her time there.

I think that tone of voice and lack of e-mails/menu are very minor and slightly precious issues.

EssexGurl Fri 22-Jul-11 14:29:05

Personally, I would keep her in the existing nursery if your daughter is happy there. It is only for the one year. I have found with both DS and DD at nursery that there is sometimes the odd member of staff I haven't liked but given they have so many, I've not worried too much. Also, DH has liked some that I haven't and vice versa. So, I know that a second opinion (which I know you don't have) is sometimes quite useful and things aren't always that black and white. You know your child and how well she will cope with changing nurseries now and then moving to school next year. Her happiness is, to me anyway, the key thing. But my kids both love their nursery and I have always been happy with it, so I am probably a little bit biased about nursuries!!!

GlitterySkulls Fri 22-Jul-11 14:29:21

if your dd seems happy where she is, maybe you'd be better off leaving her instead of moving, then moving again a year later?
are any of the kids in her class going to be in her p1 class?
if not, maybe it won't be so hard on her next year if you move her now.

it's a tricky one, for sure.

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