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to just stop this now over a Tolblerone...

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slightlyunbalanced Thu 21-Jul-11 22:55:55

Will try to make this as brief as poss. Three Dc's ex H took on DS2 who I had while we were separated and then united. DS2 was 3 months old when we reunited, always had contact with biological father, called Ex H dad from when he could talk and made up his own names for each of his 2 "dads". Loves them both very much.

Acrimonious divorce, new g/f (hates me has tired to have me arrested/sacked/done for DUI etc etc). Cookoo's in the nest syndrome DS2 is first out as ex H has continued to have all three of my DC's (two eldest biologivally his)1 night a week for the 5 years since we separated (DS2 is 9) but has now said from Sep he will no longer have him. New g/f daughter (8) has taken DS2's place in his affections after 2 years DS2 hearbroken.

Icing on the cake tonight. Ex H dad visits from Southern Hemisphere (so very infrequent visits) as far as DS2 is concerned is his "Grandad". He gives elder two extremely expensive watch and gold necklace, neg G/F DD gold necklace and DS2 a fucking Tolblerone.

He is fine, but I am really upset about this and think actually why not give them all a Tolblerone - why single him out ("Grandad is extremely wealthy so money not an issue) why not buy them all the same value gift.

I am thinking if Ex H is allowing DS2 to now be treeated like this I should cut off contact between them now completely before September and take back some control.


HarrietJones Fri 22-Jul-11 10:52:58

Why September? I would talk to DS2 about what he wants but wouldn't carry on putting him through that treatment for 6 more weeks

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