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To not trust this work collegue, She wants my job & I'm still in probabtion!

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SuspiciousPA Thu 21-Jul-11 19:21:21

At the beggining of this year a position became vacant for a PA in a small department of a very large company.

The reception area is covered by 2 members of staff on a shared basis & one member of that team applied for the PA role bit wasn't successful & the other member of the staff wanted to apply but didn't think she had the right skills so she didn't apply (worked on reception for years)

The PA position was given to someone who decided she didn't want the job on the day she was meant to start so the position was left vacant whilst they looked for someone to fill the role (receptionist still didn't apply & manager didn't ask her to put herself foward)

Whilst this is going on I'm none the wiser to all this & a sahm with no PA experience but I have had a long & successful career in a different field & fully capable of doing the role & learning along the way.

My DH found out about the position being vacant again as he works at a different branch of the same company so he spoke to the manager about it who basically said they were desperate to fill the position as one PA was now trying to run both departments & it was to much work for one person.

I decided to send in my CV, got an interview which went really well & I was offered the job with an immediate start.

That was a few months ago & I am doing really well apart from the fact that both receptionists are highly pissed off that I have been hired.

One of the first areas I was asked to get involved in was to help sort out some issues the receptionists had with each other about covering holidays, it became apparent very quickly that they were working on different contracts & job descriptions so I suggested, after speaking with HR, giving them both a performance review & getting the job descriptions changed so the matched. The PA would be responsible for doing these reviews but as I have only been there a very short time I asked a different line manager to carry out the reviews, with an interesting outcome!

Basically one of the receptionists (the one who didn't apply) has decided that she wants my job, she has also now decided she is more than capable to do the role now I have been hired & wants to take more responsibity of the role to "help" me out & has asked for the manager to speak to HR to do some PA, HR & Payroll training courses!

This manager is not the general manager, whom I am PA for so I am not sure how far it will all go, I suppose I'm worried because she has many years experience with the company where I have none & if she decides to make my job difficult I will not reach my targets by the end of my probation period, contract terminated & the position made free for the receptionist. She is well liked & very good at her job, I think she is very proffesional & friendly but I really don't think I can trust her to "help" which I am meant to do during the learning period.

Just a bit of a long rant really as I can't talk to anyone at work about it, I'm taking the unaware of the atmosphere approach at the minute but I'm willing to do what ever it takes to keep my job.

Peachy Thu 21-Jul-11 19:26:42

Well it sounds like a difficult start with a new employer.

you have two options it seems: make jer your friend or make her your enemy.

How about sugesting you mentor her so that when A JOB COMES UP THAT IS VACANT she can apply with a really good record m/ training / and no animosity to you?

SuspiciousPA Thu 21-Jul-11 19:37:33

Thanks for reading my epic post peachy

I can't mentor her as I know nothing about the role well enough to mentor anyone but it's a good idea for the future.

We have other PA positions vacant on our website as we have opened new departments very recently but she doesn't want to work in another department (area) she wants my role!!

It certainly is a difficult start, I know exactly what she has said as I have been given her review to deal with!

cantfindamnnickname Thu 21-Jul-11 19:46:18

Well they obviously thought she was lacking in something or they would have offered her the position first time around, especially if she has been there a while.

My advice would be to be her friend - let her get on with the courses etc - it doesnt mean she will be successful.

Get on with doing your job and dont get involved unless she creates specific problems for you

zipzap Thu 21-Jul-11 20:00:44

Have you got an hr person that you could talk to in confidence?

And any stuff that you think she might sabotage you on, can you ask her to do things by email and cc somebody if possible, also you chase her up with nice reminders on email so there is a good audit trail so you can show that you weren't responsible for missing targets. And as soon as something goes over the deadline of when you needed it you need to send her a nice but strong email pointing out the consequences of her actions and making sure that both your and her bosses are cc'd in on it.

Might also be worth mentioning that if she is screwing up or 'not able to cope' with these simple things then she might not be up to being a pa at all. And doing this within the hearing of her boss too obviously!

SuspiciousPA Thu 21-Jul-11 20:06:54

Very good ideas, thank you.

I have a paper trail for all the emails that ping pong between the 2 receptionists over holiday cover & have asked them to stop & I now hold their holiday forms as the emails were getting a bit catty with no CC.

I do have a good HR liason but I don't want to make a big issue of it yet as I'm hoping it will blow over.

SuspiciousPA Thu 21-Jul-11 21:12:20

Shamless bump for the evening brigade.

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