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Killing a wasps nest.

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Loonytoonie Thu 21-Jul-11 11:17:16

Wasps have taken up residence in the hollow space above my wooden porch. In just one week, their activity has trebled and I'm getting concerned. The roof space would allow for significant growth and I have two little children who use that area to play. I've been warned that they'll get aggressive come October when their food supplies are scarce.

I hate killing things though. I know I'm due a flaming, but I look at the creatures working away and feel awful for even considering getting them exterminated. Yup, I'm probably a bunny-hugger and need a kick up the bum. Are there are other alternatives bar killing them, or do I just need a size 7 up the rear?

Andrewofgg Thu 21-Jul-11 11:18:13

Get your fire-proof jacket, Loony, and watch out for the usual suspects!

squeakytoy Thu 21-Jul-11 11:19:39

A wasps nest is a job for professionals to do, please dont try and do it yourself. YANBU to want rid of it either, wasps are nasty little feckers who will sting for the pure fun of it.

Loonytoonie Thu 21-Jul-11 11:19:50

Meh, I know. Felt a bit of a dick as I pressed send, but there you go.
[getting prepared for a right royal flaming emoticon]

LemonDifficult Thu 21-Jul-11 11:21:21

Wasps are The Enemy. Pull the friggin trigger, I say.

Where do you live? I'll come round and do it for you.

Catslikehats Thu 21-Jul-11 11:22:29

Flaming for killing wasps or for not wanting to kill wasps? I am confused!

But kill the buggers (or rather get someone esle to do it)

TakeMeDrunkImHome Thu 21-Jul-11 11:23:02

Don't see why you would get a flaming. (I hate that term!)

Wasps are not nice things to have around anyone let alone 2 little kids. You already said you feel pretty shabby about wanting/having to get rid of them but they have picked a poor place to nest and you don't want to spend the summer swatting wasps and being stung. Get a professional in.

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 21-Jul-11 11:23:29

Call your council pest control people and they'll send someone round with things to deal with the wasps. Like any creature, they're fine in their place but, when they take up residence in your home, they need dealing with. Unfortunately, wasps have not evolved to the state where they can be persuaded to relocate with kind words or offers of daytrips....

TheBigJessie Thu 21-Jul-11 11:25:04

Call the Borough Council.

Andrewofgg Thu 21-Jul-11 11:25:05

"Like any creature, they're fine in their place"

^The Lord in His wisdom made the fly
And then forgot to tell us why.^

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 21-Jul-11 11:26:51

True though, isn't it? Rats are OK when they're ratting around in woodlands or fields. But get one lurking in your cupboards, eating your food and making nests out of your dusters.... they've gotta die.

sausagesandmarmelade Thu 21-Jul-11 11:26:52

We had the same problem recently and got a man in. We had a wasps nest around the guttering on our roof.

We had the same problem last year...apparently they like a south facing roof/ it's nice and warm.

Was dealt with (on both occasions) quickly and efficiently.

Cost £85 quid I think...

Apparently rentokill charge double the price.

You should NOT get a flaming for this thread....that would be totally ridiculous!

itisnearlysummer Thu 21-Jul-11 11:27:03

We had wasps exactly as you describe. DH sorted it. It took 2 goes though and they were nasty, vicious little bastards!

lesley33 Thu 21-Jul-11 11:27:31

I dealt with a wasps nest myself. I bought some stuff you spray into the opening of the nest. It killed most of the nest. So i did it again about 5 days later and it killed all of the nest. I only spotted 1 lone wasp who I think had been away from the nest at the time, still looking for the nest. I actually felt sorry for him!

But if you are going to do it yourself make sure your kids are well away. When I did it I did get stung by 1 wasp who chased me down the garden to do so.

sausagesandmarmelade Thu 21-Jul-11 11:29:30

And yes they can get aggressive....especially late summer when there's an abundance of half fermented fruits around...

They love the plums on our plum tree!

Don't mind sharing...but having a wasps nest in/around your home is no joke...and some people can get very dangerous reactions to stings.

WowOoo Thu 21-Jul-11 11:30:29

We had some in our attic and were advised to leave well alone until they'd died off. I sealed the gap. Then I removed the small nest myself, no problem.

But, seeing as they are close to your door I'd get rid and use a professional.

If you really want to leave them, you can. Don't let your children walk around with sweet sticky lollies. I can still remember my first wasp sting it was so horrible - I had tried to save it from the paddling pool and the bugger stung me!!

Our garden is currently a hub of bee activity.Loads of different types everywhere. smile It's ok and a good lesson for staying away from the flowers and not panicking when they fly past. In the back of my mind is the worry of an accidentally trodden on bee getting revenge.

Wasps.... I really am a bit scared of them.

Loonytoonie Thu 21-Jul-11 11:33:21

Thanks everyone. I'm the problem - I actually feel sorry for them blush. I was thinking of closing all the doors and windows tight, then battering the hell out of the wooden roof with a broom handle, to see if I can disturb them into fecking off...... crazy idea?

TheBigJessie Thu 21-Jul-11 11:35:41

God, NO!!!!!!!!

They will not bugger off because their nest was attacked. They will try to defend their nest and their queen!

GeraldineAubergine Thu 21-Jul-11 11:35:46

I was stung in the eye by a wasp when I was little. The eye! It was awful, made even worse by my aunt outing vinegar in it to 'neutralise' it. I had to go to hospital. I am now disproportionately terrified of the evil yellow horrors. I think a nest might tip me over the edge. I think you should definitely get rid of it (professionally). I did when I had a fox 'nest' under ds's room. They didn't sting though smile

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 21-Jul-11 11:37:03

Crazy idea. The only thing worse than a wasp is a wasp with a headache.

TheBigJessie Thu 21-Jul-11 11:37:09

Wasps don't have the option of moving house, and they know it. Queenie made a nest, and brought them up there.

TheBigJessie Thu 21-Jul-11 11:38:24

NemesisoftheVole Thu 21-Jul-11 11:40:19

Our local council charged less that £50 to deal with one. Not worth the risk of trying to deal with it on your own IMHO.

HortontheElephant Thu 21-Jul-11 11:41:09

You don't need to call the council or professionals. This is a DIY job if you are brave enough.
Wasps only need to be killed if, like yours, they are nesting in an inconvenient place where thay might harm your kids. If not, they can safely be left as they will all die over the winter, except the queen who hibernates. Wasps never come back to the same nest the following year and although they are a nuisance in late summer, they are very useful garden predators in early summer.
We have a large rural garden and have wasps nests every year. I only kill it if its very near the house. All you need is a good wasp nest killer spray (from B&Q) get yourself togged up in thick clothing and a waterproof coat, safety goggles,gloves etc. Then follow the directions on the can. Usually covering the nest, or nest entrance completely with the spray. Best time to do it is dusk, when all the wasps are safely tucked up inside. Once there is no more wap activity then you can safely assume they are all dead. Good Luck!

sausagesandmarmelade Thu 21-Jul-11 11:41:19

I remember putting my slippers on when I was little and being stung by a wasp that was inside one of them.

Thing about wasps is that they can sting up to six times....unlike bees who sting once and then die.

They are pests....

Even after the wasp man comes (IF you get one in) you will have to stay away from the nest for a good couple of hours as they will get REALLY angry! But in 24 hours time they should all be dead...including the scouts who return to the nest after being outand about searching for things.

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