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To think my colleagues are extracting the Micheal

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Tanif Tue 19-Jul-11 14:50:07

And should see their own damn clients rather than having the pregnant lady lumber up and down four flights of stairs every time someone shows up without an appointment. I have the same job title, I am NOT a member of admin staff, and fail to see how their clients have suddenly become MY problem when I have my own bloody clients to deal with.

ZZZenAgain Tue 19-Jul-11 14:51:31

why do you have to go upstairs with them. Could you or someone phone for the appropriate person to come down and collect his/her client?

Tanif Tue 19-Jul-11 14:53:39

We hire a set of offices in a managed building, the building's receptionist calls up to our offices and let's us know someone is downstairs. Somehow everyone is always supremely busy when this happens and the job of hiking downstairs to get them, bringing them back upstairs to find out what they want (has to be done in our offices due to confidentiality), then take them back downstairs to show them out before hiking back upstairs to let their lawyer know what is going on.

GeekCool Tue 19-Jul-11 14:53:51

Why do you let them? Just say no. Your pregnancy has nothing to do with you allowing them to walk all over you

LadyClariceCannockMonty Tue 19-Jul-11 15:01:02

Suddenly be supremely busy yourself.

And yes, they are taking the piss. Whether you were pregnant or not.

crystalglasses Tue 19-Jul-11 15:01:06

Why don't you plan to be 'busy'?

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Tue 19-Jul-11 15:11:52

I agree with the others. Be busy yourself.

"Your client is downstairs. I will tell reception to ask them to wait until you are free, then you can go down and get them."

Start doing that.

X is busy at the moment, please ask Whoever to take a seat and I'll let X know they are waiting.

Or even - I'm sorry, but X is busy at the moment and isn't able to see anyone who doesn't have an appointment.

Don't let people walk over you.

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Tue 19-Jul-11 15:13:19

or even taking the colleague aside and saying look, I'm sorry but I am not able to keep doing this at the moment. I am heavily pregnant and 4 flights of stairs repeatedly for your clients is not on. I won't be doing it any more. You will have to deal with your clients yourself.

bumperella Tue 19-Jul-11 15:19:09

I imagine that the only reason they leave you to do it is that (a) you're allowing them to make you run round after then, and (b) you won't poach their clients as you're likel to be on mat leave soonish.
Either make it known that you're delighted to spend time with so many other peoples' clients as it's a great networking opportiunity and is really helping you build your client base, or start refusing to be the dogsbody.

InMyPrime Tue 19-Jul-11 15:29:59

Why have you let them push you into this role so far? Do you sit nearest the door or something??? Or is it the classic case of 'female member of staff = dogsbody helpful and obliging'??

Just ensure you yourself are exceptionally busy whenever requests come in to meet clients from now on. Develop selective deafness and a mysterious air of preoccupation and deep concentration with a furrowed brow as well.

OldRedEyes Tue 19-Jul-11 15:58:33

if you cant do the role, pregnant or not, you shouldnt be in the job

i think a lot of women see pregnancy as a lovely excuse for not doing stuff/blaming their problems on it and thats wrong

LadyClariceCannockMonty Tue 19-Jul-11 16:03:15

OldRed, that's harsh. The OP gives the impression that it's not explicitly her job; that's why she's annoyed.

Kayano Tue 19-Jul-11 16:12:13

Oldred is either just very harsh and deliberatley creating dramz or they are a troll imo

OP i would make them go. have you had a health and safety at work for your pregnancy?

AMumInScotland Tue 19-Jul-11 16:21:07

So when the receptionist phones up, can you tell whose client it is?

If so then I think it needs to be that person's responsibility to fetch them up.

If you can't tell, then I think there needs to be some kind of rota so that the responsibility is shared. It shouldn't be a competition to look as busy as possible and shirk the responsibility.

Is your workload any less than other peoples? Why are they assuming you will do it?

WhoAteMySnickers Tue 19-Jul-11 16:50:26

I don't see how you being pregnant has any relevance? It's either your job to escort their clients up and down or it's not? Stop being a mug.

Quenelle Tue 19-Jul-11 16:57:40

OldRed the OP is complaining that she is having to do other people's jobs for them, not her own. As said before ^ not fair even if you're not pregnant.

zipzap Tue 19-Jul-11 20:00:03

tanif - time to start getting those contraction type pains every time the bell goes... grin

Andrewofgg Tue 19-Jul-11 20:23:09

What's the gender ratio among your colleagues, Tanif?

Many readers will know my track record, so this may surprise them: if I was your colleague my door would be the one you could bang on for help. Pregnant women are special - during the (brief) time between announcing that they in the club and leaving work they should be able to expect their (able-bodied and healthy) colleagues - male or non-pregnant female - to take over as much of the physical work in a job as possible. Not as a matter of right; as a matter of what is fit and proper. Sorry you are working among people who don't see that.

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