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To think that British Airways could refund a flight on compassionate grounds

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fiddlefaddle Tue 19-Jul-11 10:49:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2shoes Tue 19-Jul-11 10:50:40

so sorry about your dp's mum.
but that is what insurance is for.

squeakytoy Tue 19-Jul-11 10:51:54

Are you sure you dont have travel insurance? If you paid for the flights with your credit card then you may have some cover on that, and many current accounts have a travel insurance policy automatically too.

Sorry to hear about your MIL. sad

dexter73 Tue 19-Jul-11 10:52:00

I guess the trouble is that everyone would be phoning up saying their mum was ill and could they get a refund. They are there to make a profit. Do you get holiday insurance or something similar with your bank account that you could try claiming on?

khaliwali Tue 19-Jul-11 10:52:03

I recently had a similar thing with Qatar Airways. After endless form filling and having to supply marriage certificate, husband's birth certificate and a letter from the consultant, they refunded the entire fare. BA are bastards full stop. Rubbish planes, vile crew and lots of stupid rules and regulations.

molepom Tue 19-Jul-11 10:52:15

I'm with BA on this one. Why on earth should they refund you ANYTHING at all? It's not their fault you have to cancel even if it IS for a serious reason as you have. Personally I'm surprised you got the TAX money back.

niceguy2 Tue 19-Jul-11 10:52:21

The issue here is you didn't take out travel insurance.

You booked tickets and took the lower price accepting the fact the fare was not refundable and now whilst I sympathise, it's really tough.

I agree that BA could if they wanted to refund but I don't see why they're being unreasonable by not doing. Otherwise why have a cheap ticket which you say is non-refundable then refund it? They'd soon be inundated with similar stories.

clam Tue 19-Jul-11 10:53:09

What a horrid situation. Sorry to hear it.
But I would imagine it's not uncommon, and BA would have no way of really knowing how genuine or extreme the situation was. Everyone would be trying it, I guess.
I hope you manage to work something out.

Cleverything Tue 19-Jul-11 10:54:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyThumb Tue 19-Jul-11 10:54:59

I have found out to my cost that you should get insurance immediately after booking the plane tickets! That's what insurance is for, so BA are not being unreasonable at all.

fiddlefaddle Tue 19-Jul-11 10:58:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GypsyMoth Tue 19-Jul-11 10:59:28

They would have to do it for everyone if they did it for you

HumanBehaviour Tue 19-Jul-11 10:59:41

I got a stomach bug once and started vomiting in the airport toilets an hour before take off and obviously didn't catch the flight.

It was with Ryan Air who did not want to refund my ticket but my home insurance covered it in full. Worth checking out.

Amateurish Tue 19-Jul-11 11:00:28

Have you thought about trying to resell the tickets yourself? BA may only charge a nominal name change fee.

knittedbreast Tue 19-Jul-11 11:02:02

yabu for putting the words, BA,Refund and Compassion together!

sorry though i know how annoying it is.

porcamiseria Tue 19-Jul-11 11:03:14

they are a business, simple. tough titties I am afarid, thats why people get travel insurance

LadyClariceCannockMonty Tue 19-Jul-11 11:04:05

I think they should refund if you can produce proof. It's about goodwill – presumably at the moment you don't feel like ever flying with BA again, but if they gave you a refund you'd gladly give them your custom again. I'd write to head office saying exactly that.

GypsyMoth Tue 19-Jul-11 11:06:00

Do hospital gave time/resources to be writing confirmation etc?

NunOnTheRun Tue 19-Jul-11 11:07:25

OP, I'm really sorry to hear about your DP's mother sad.

To answer your question, yes, companies can be arses about such circumstances at a time when you don't have a lot of energy to persue things.

However - just a thought - is there anything in your household insurance which might cover travel emergencies?

NunOnTheRun Tue 19-Jul-11 11:09:07

Oops, didnt see HumanBehaviour's post saying the same thing re: household insurance - but shows it can be done.

fiddlefaddle Tue 19-Jul-11 11:09:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chen23 Tue 19-Jul-11 11:09:24

wow, some pretty insensitive replies here

"tough titties"

"I'd still go on the holiday"

sorry to hear that OP, those kinds of refunds would be difficult to administrate so I sort of get BA's point of view but a good will refund in that sort of situation is the sort of thing that would make me book BA when ever possible in the future.

fiddlefaddle Tue 19-Jul-11 11:10:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IAmTheCookieMonster Tue 19-Jul-11 11:12:33

I was in the same situationa few years ago, I had booked a flight to see my gran but we found out my dad had terminal cancer so I didn't go. I was covered by mum's annual family travel insurance but because I didn't have a hotel booked as I was staying at gran's house I wasn't covered. The lady tried her best but couldn't do anything.

Its just something that is infuriating but you have to lump it :-(

LadyClariceCannockMonty Tue 19-Jul-11 11:12:38

Oh and yes, I agree that it's a bit questionable of them not to refund seeing as they can resell the seats.

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