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to ask if I should 'call it a day' with this friendship?

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Bumblequeen Tue 19-Jul-11 08:26:04

I have a friend who I see once/twice a year. We have friends in common whom she has now grown close to- I actually introduced them.

Lots has been happening in the lives of this distant friend and her family- marriage, new job, travelling holidays and the info is passed to me by our mutual friend. On ocassions when I speak to friend I do not know whether to congratulate her on her good news or wish her a happy holiday as she does not actually tell me personally. I sometimes feel I am chasing to be part of her life and that if someone is important to you, you would involve them more.

Just to add distant friend is thoughtful and remembers my birthdays. I wonder if this is out of obligation.

I am fed up of hearing everything second hand and feel I am prying when mutual friend updates me. Perhaps I should say "that is nice for her" and change the subject.

Bumblequeen Tue 19-Jul-11 08:30:31

I posted a similar aibu thread several months ago about another friend and we have resolved matters. There was an unresolved issue which I had though had been dealt with. Things are slowly moving forward.

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