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To think this might be the start of labour...

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MilyP Tue 19-Jul-11 01:18:30

No one on childbirth thread so thought would ask here.

Had a second sweep today. Since had some bleeding. Midwife said I was 1cm - same as last time, but that my cervix had moved down sinc then.

This evening my tummy has felt really tight and I am getting weird movements and feelings down low in my tummy. Feels like might be baby wiggling and touching sensitive areas! Haven't had anything I would describe as a contraction as feelings are more constant and don't come and go or build up. There isn't anything I could time and guessing I will know when it is a contraction. But might this be a sign that labour is starting?

RainyAfternoon Tue 19-Jul-11 01:22:46

Obviously things are beginning to happen... so fingers crossed it is the start of labour. However some people do have really lengthly pre labours with twinges and cramps going on for a few days before labour properly starts, so hang on in there and be prepared the initial dilation might take a long time. Good luck!

dizzydel Tue 19-Jul-11 01:25:15

Doesn't sound like contractions at all... You will know the tightening feeling. I know that uncomfortable feeling of pressure on sensitive areas .. Very weird, but hang on in there and good luck.

MilyP Tue 19-Jul-11 01:37:07

Hopefully won't be too lengthy pre-labour prangs. Going to go to bed and try and sleep so if contractions do start I am not too tired for labour. Hope this is the start as got till Friday morning on am being induced sad

Didn't really think it was contractions. Guessing i will know when it is.

MrsPlesWearsAFez Tue 19-Jul-11 01:42:17

Hope you manage to get some rest and that it isn't too drawn out once it does kick off smile

pubquizhurtmybrain Tue 19-Jul-11 01:46:56

Doesn't sound like contractions no, but does sound like things are starting to happen. Take this time to rest, you will need it. You will know when it is a contraction, and once they come sleep is out of the question, so try and stock up on some now. Good luck.
YANBU by the way every twinge i had from around 35 weeks on both DDs i convinced myself was labour starting, and was nowhere near. Seems like you definitely close now.

MilyP Tue 19-Jul-11 01:50:43

Thanks late nighters smile Off to bed and hoping baby will make an appearance soon(ish)!

WhereYouLeftIt Tue 19-Jul-11 02:01:22

TBH, when I started I was sitting reading the Sunday papers, and I just felt a bit uncomfortable, so squirmed a bit to adjust how I was sitting. Much better. No, uncomfortable again. Ah, that's better. <repeat until penny drops> I wouldn't have described it as contractions until a couple of hours later. Best wishes!

maras2 Tue 19-Jul-11 03:53:42

Today is a good day for it MilyP.It's our 36th wedding anniversary and DGS 2nd. birthday.Good luck and best wishes. Mx.

MilyP Tue 19-Jul-11 12:01:26

things seem to have calmed down this morning, so going to go for a walk and try and keep the momentum going and hope contractions start soon...

poppysweetie Tue 19-Jul-11 12:03:24

Being honest, what you describe dosent sound lie contractions but I hope the walk kicks it off!

Andrewofgg Tue 19-Jul-11 12:20:06

Obviously unable to add anything remotely useful but anyway all the best!

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