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To want to go to bloody bed?!?!?! aaargh, she just wont sleep, any suggestions, please!

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missmakesstuff Mon 18-Jul-11 00:36:13

DD is 15 months. Put her to bed at 7ish as usual, has slept maybe an hour tops in all that time. We have had screaming, shrieking, and now playing.

She has had calpol and neurofen. Teetha powders and rescue remedy night. bf (about a zillion) and some weetabix.

She is now crawling around the front room with the cold flannel I gave her (likes to suck them, teeth) on her head, chattering away happily. Whilst I sit here in the dark and contemplate running away.

DH has gone to bed, no use having us both up, he will take over later if she is still going, god forbid.

I have to get up for work at 6. And teach and hold conversations with adults.


Linnet Mon 18-Jul-11 00:39:12

take her to bed with you, if you go to sleep maybe she will settle and go to sleep too. Or sleep on the floor of her room if you don't want to take her into your bed. Sometimes all it takes is 10-15minutes of lying beside them to settle them and they go to sleep quite happily, then you can go to your own bed.

MumblingRagDoll Mon 18-Jul-11 00:41:24

Well put her to bed! She wont sleep with you allowing her to craw round the sitting room will she?

HippyHippopotamus Mon 18-Jul-11 00:43:12

Put her back to bed. She's not going to fall asleep whilst crawling round the room.

Sorry if i sound harsh but in a similar situation with a non-sleeping dd. Difference being that she's had calpol, reassurance, cuddles without leaving her cot. Once she's in it at 7pm she stays in it until the morning. I'm sure she'd prefer to be crawling round like your dd but i bet mine is sleeping before yours

justarandom Mon 18-Jul-11 00:43:31

How does she know you're expecting her to sleep if you're letting her crawl around the floor - as far as she's concerned it's play time. You need to put her to bed.

MumblingRagDoll Mon 18-Jul-11 00:43:49

Don't for Gods sake sit there waiting for her to fall asleep mid-crawl.

griphook Mon 18-Jul-11 00:44:29

we have this with my ds abouth the same age, we often put him in bed with us, have moved the bed so one side is next to the wall, some times it works, and he will fall asleep. But recently I;ve taken to putting him in his cot turning the monitor off and hiding under the cover for ten mins, someitmes he falls asleep, or quietens which gives me hope as it was getting silly, he would just mess about. You have my sympathy, lots of coffee tomorrow. sorry a bit jumbled as ds has been awake alot aswell.

missmakesstuff Mon 18-Jul-11 00:45:08

oh, I wish that would work, used to be the failsafe, but hasn't worked in months. She just writhes around, starts crying, which means no-one gets any sleep. she is now happily sitting on the sofa next to me sucking her thumb, but as soon as I try to lay her down its the screaming.

Has been strange all day, had a tummy bug on thurs, but seemed over it, then just very sleepy and grumpy all day today.

I cannot help getting frustrated, I just keep thinking of all the things I have to do tomorrow, have had time off when she was ill and it all just piles up, doesnt help that we are meant to be going away on wed camping, I cannot cope with this in a tent!

griphook Mon 18-Jul-11 00:45:42

but we never let him down stairs or play with any toys

griphook Mon 18-Jul-11 00:46:47

you have my sympathy, but you might have to just let her scream it out

missmakesstuff Mon 18-Jul-11 00:46:55

Sorry, x posts - answer was to linnet - I have put her in her cot, she just screams and screams, was almost making herself sick a while ago, its so hard not to give in.

Yellowstone Mon 18-Jul-11 00:47:46

Mum of eight here. Nothing ever worked with mine except for bringing them into my bed. No long term consequences at all. You need sleep. Do it!

MumblingRagDoll Mon 18-Jul-11 00:49:04

Can you give her a drink and take her to bed with you? I still do with my 3 year old when she's upset or not well/

Yellowstone Mon 18-Jul-11 00:49:53

X posts. Make yourself a bed on the sofa then. Whatever it takes for tonight.

missmakesstuff Mon 18-Jul-11 00:58:10

I just don't know why, but she will not settle in our bed at all anymore, will not have any of it. I wish she would, it was our last resort, now we have nothing!

I used to stick to leaving her in her room, not allowed down before 7am etc - but It just kept happening so frequently, I couldn't cope, I was going crazy sat up there in the dark!

Yellowstone, jesus! 8? well done, you must be amazing, I am thinking will be sticking at one at the moment!

She is in her cot. now screaming. will give it 10 mins.

she needs to sleep, I know, its overtiredness, she isn't hungry, the calpol must have helped the teeth, so its just tiredness.

It is so hard not to get wound up or second guessing everything I do though.

She is really going for it now. been about 3 mins.

Yellowstone Mon 18-Jul-11 01:01:55

I got desperate at times just for sleep. Honestly, whatever it takes: sofa, lounge floor, improvise just to get some sleep. Poor you. She can snooze tomorrow, you can't.

Morloth Mon 18-Jul-11 01:05:55

Read her this book?

WARNING: Not kid/work safe

Fifis25StottieCakes Mon 18-Jul-11 01:07:22

I would just put her down wherever she will go. I used to have to rock one of my dd's in a car seat fast with my foot whilst dozing on the sofa. She would not sleep flat. Once i cottoned on she would sleep fine in my bed after i gave her a pillow.

CurrySpice Mon 18-Jul-11 01:09:30

Put her to bed. Leave her there for 10 minutes. Go in and calm her with no talk. Leave.


Don't give in and get her up again

You poor thing. It's the pits sad

missmakesstuff Mon 18-Jul-11 01:17:42

She has stopped crying!!

She is however making a horrid hicuping noise that just makes me feel awful...will check in a bit, but it sounds hopefu, think she may well be asleepl. As hopefully so will I soon.
Thanks for all the suggestions and the kick up the arse to just let her cry for a little while.

sleep, at last. now I just have to get up in less than 5 hrs to do all the stuff I should have been doing this evening once she was in bed. oh well...

Thanks all, made the time go quicker and kept me sane(ish)

Love that link, heard it read by Samuel L Jackson a while back, so true...

suburbophobe Mon 18-Jul-11 01:17:42

haven't read the replies, but I would recommend Rescue Remedy, not the Night stuff (tastes too sugary for me),

Also a meditation CD (you can also find it on Youtube), a nice relaxing one, Eaoliah, or this one:

suburbophobe Mon 18-Jul-11 01:18:55

Played softly, helps me as a mum too grin

Like the angels singing....

missmakesstuff Mon 18-Jul-11 01:20:50

Thanks Subur, that sounds good, she does like music, I already give her the rescue remedy when her teeth are bothering her. Is that in swedish? just saw the word bullshit, in english though!

Morloth Mon 18-Jul-11 01:26:53

Yeah I liked the Samuel L Jackson reading as well. Noni Hazelhurst though was a Play School presenter for years.

She has many Aussies under the age of about 45 within her control. If she said 'Rise Up children and attack your masters' in her special reading voice, we would probably all be moving before we had actually thought about it.

Don't go in! If you go in and she isn't quite asleep then you will wake her up and it will start all over again! Don't do it!

suburbophobe Mon 18-Jul-11 01:29:31

Hi, yes, don't bother with the video pictures grin just the music.

Yea, think it's Swedish....

Maybe keep her up an hour later (if you can bear it), sounds like she's not tired enough when you put her to bed...?

Is there a lot of commotion/noise around (street, garden, telly) on when she goes to bed? That might be a factor too. Also food (not digested, too much junk food/sugar/allergies) etc.

Anything you can think of, will help

If she likes music, give her what she loves before she goes to bed, or with it...

Oh, the times when I was hoping/praying for my son to sleep....I'm with you there...

But sometimes it's just genetic, my dad went to bed at 2 a.m. so do I and so does my son (now 20)....confused

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