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to be pissed off

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Moodswings Sun 17-Jul-11 16:28:09

DP has just decided to plane some wood below the bathroom window sill 'because it has layers of thick paint on'. I'm no expert but surely you would sand rather than take chunks out of the wood. To top it all off, he hasn't even put a dust sheet down, so all the flakes off bits are over the radiator and floor. Fabulous bloody 2 weeks off this is going to be.

We have a myriad of tasks to do in the house, loads unfinished, so he goes and starts another.

I wish I could just jet off somewhere and leave him to it. Shitty house!

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Sun 17-Jul-11 16:30:50

Can you get stuck in together? More fun that way. I love to paint rooms with my husband. Of course, it takes longer cos stuff like that brings out our inner children grin wink

LadyThumb Sun 17-Jul-11 16:32:28

You have obviously never sanded painted wood - it takes forever and then you are left with bits of paint in the cracks! He is right - planing is the best way to go. But it won't be pretty as you've found out. Just use the hoover.

As for starting and not finishing - tell me about it!!!

AgentZigzag Sun 17-Jul-11 16:37:04

If you're off for two weeks and DIYing then I wouldn't worry about the mess too much as presumably there's going to be more.

I'd start relaxing if I were you or your DH will be cleaning up your head when it's exploded all over his newly decorated wood grin

LineRunner Sun 17-Jul-11 16:41:46

Moodswings, I think you'd better meet me down the pub for drink. A nice relaxing pinot or hot chocolate?

Moodswings Sun 17-Jul-11 16:45:26

Thanks for the replies, that has lightened my mood. I just get so pissed off with mess in general as I am the only bugger who bothers to clean the house. Also bothers me that with all the other jobs to do, some of which were discussed only this morning, he magics this one up out of thin air.

I only thought it was wrong to plane, as he did that with our lovely stable door, oh, no actually he didn't, it was the heat gun and chisel which left groove marks...eek blush

Magnificent, noooo way! I'd rather do my things and he does his.

Moodswings Sun 17-Jul-11 16:47:58

Pinot thanks Linerunner. Might be tempted to bring the hot choccy back and throw it all over the newly painted wood!

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