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To suggest that men may be to blame?

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snoopdogg Sun 17-Jul-11 13:59:24

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this - maybe in 'airheads with stupid ides'?

Any way, I was thinking about the appalling road traffic accident and death statistics in the UK and wondering what on earth we could do about it.

Then I realised, you only have to walk through WH Smiths to see the acres and acres of shelfspace devoted to car and bike magazines and they're all aimed at men!!!!

What do you think - maybe if we could just stop men buying these magazines they wouldn't want to go out and kill people on our roads

Hammy02 Sun 17-Jul-11 14:01:16

I don't think anyone 'wants to go out and kill people'. I have to agree that it if I see someone speeding, it is almost always a man. Equally, if I see someone dithering, it is usually a woman or someone old.

ThisMomentusDay Sun 17-Jul-11 14:02:28


worraliberty Sun 17-Jul-11 14:02:48

Unless they're reading them while driving, I really can't see your point....

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Sun 17-Jul-11 14:03:04

Oh ffs.

cory Sun 17-Jul-11 14:04:17

very naughty- thread about thread

but having read the other thread- it was a little bit funny.... wink

BluddyMoFo Sun 17-Jul-11 14:04:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThisMomentusDay Sun 17-Jul-11 14:05:20

read the 'women are to blame thread' first then ul get what the op is saying!

snoopdogg Sun 17-Jul-11 14:05:38

Yeah, and men obv wink

FoofusScrimgeour Sun 17-Jul-11 14:06:26

Ah. Thread about a thread.

She's talking bollocks and You aren't funny.

TrillianAstra Sun 17-Jul-11 14:07:09

So this is a joke thread? About another thread? hmm

cory Sun 17-Jul-11 14:08:22

For those who missed the original thread, it claimed that the reason the NoW recently came a cropper is all due to Wimmin- because they read glossy celebrity magazines and hence encourage an interest in Gossip!

joric Sun 17-Jul-11 14:09:34

Well, the men in my family are absolute k***s when it comes to cars and driving.... Obsessed with it. Alpha male gone mad. The fact that there are so many magazines on the subject show that my relatives are not alone....I'm sure some are irresponsible when driving themselves and others who are not. Cant generalise.

joric Sun 17-Jul-11 14:10:29

Well I took it seriously...sad

AurraSing Sun 17-Jul-11 14:18:06

Well, I laughed. grin

HowlingBitch Sun 17-Jul-11 14:18:20


Best reply ever. grin

AurraSing Sun 17-Jul-11 14:19:46

Sorry, joric. That sounded like I was having a go at you, but I wasn't blush

TrillianAstra Sun 17-Jul-11 14:19:46

worraliberty was funny

The OP was not especially

snoopdogg Sun 17-Jul-11 14:43:55

Not trying to be especially funny, more like trying to point out that crass generalisations are just that and that some issues are a teeny bit more complicated..... grin

joric Sun 17-Jul-11 15:28:03

Aura- it wasn't taken that way!
Snoopdog- So many stupid questions on here I just assumed this too was real!!

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