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to expect DParents to make the effort?

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flatbread Fri 15-Jul-11 11:10:17

My DParents stay in country X, and I moved to another country many years ago. My DSis moved back to X, but in a different town to DParents. DParents have decided to move closer to my Dsis, and have bought their own place close to hers and they hang out with each other a lot, so one big happy family.

Trouble is, DParents haven't installed a telephone in their new place and just call me occasionally on Skype when they are visiting Dsis. They do have a mobile, but it is VERY expensive for me to call (1 buck a minute). However, I have a calling plan where I can call landlines in country X for free. Shouldn't they just get a land-line so I can call them and we can stay in touch more frequently? I have asked them to do it, but they haven't done it yet and say they will consider putting one in perhaps later in the year.

AIBU to expect DParents to make atleast the effort of getting a LL so we can stay in close touch and I am not so excluded from the family closeness? It doesn't cost much and they have the money...

I know it doesn't sound a big deal, but it is to me, as I am stay-at-home at the moment,and would love to have a good chinwaggle with my mum every day!

squeakytoy Fri 15-Jul-11 11:11:17

Tricky one, as it was you how moved away in the first place...

Playdohinthewashingmachine Fri 15-Jul-11 11:36:31

You're right, most parents would be trying hard to stay in communication with their child. I don't think it matters that you were the one to move, really. Them not getting a landline gives the impression that they're not bothered if they don't talk to you, and that's hard for you.

Do you have good friends where you are?

midoriway Fri 15-Jul-11 11:53:22

There are many countries now where landlines are no longer the norm, and everyone has a mobile phone. This is very common in 2nd world countries, where dealing with local utility firms to set up a land line is an expensive, tiresome, lengthy process. A process that can be circumvented entirely by popping into the local supermarket and buying a PAYG phone on the spot.

Of course it will cost a fortune if you are dialing using BT. There are many small international call suppliers you can sign up with who are reliable and much much cheaper.

I have a BT land line, but I almost never use BT to make calls. I signed up with a small company called midas years ago, and I can make calls to mobiles in america 1p a minute, mobiles in Australia 2p a minute. The quality of the calls is far better than skype, I never bother with skype, for a couple of pennies I can use a real phone. I am billed every month, nothing is pre-paid. Every month I get a bill, showing on average 4 hours of international calls, with a cost of about £6, in total. It is cheaper for me to call a mobile in New York on midas from my land line, than a mobile in London on BT. Shows you how overpriced BT is.

So YABU, in not exploring other phone pricing options instead of expecting DP to set up a land line effectively for you alone.

flatbread Fri 15-Jul-11 14:36:37

Playdoh - no I don't have any friends, though DH is very supportive. My parents know that I am alone and thought they would make the effort to stay in touch sad

Midori, I get what you are saying on a practical note, although emotionally I still feel a bit let-down. I have signed up for Lycamobile. never used it before, but seems to cost 1p for most mobile calls. As you said, BT is sooo expensive!!!

Thanks all for your perspective

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