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... to not understand what panty liners are for.

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woollyideas Thu 14-Jul-11 15:18:37

I just don't get it. Either it's TOTM and you need to use something, or you don't need anything.

(Feeling disgusted having just emptied about 40 of the damned things - used but clean if you know what I mean - from the bathroom bin* and need a rant.)

Oh, the waste! The plastic! The bleached paper! The pointlessness of it all...

*deposited by language student...

Elemental Thu 14-Jul-11 15:20:35

Would never bother the rest of the time, but when I was pregnant they were lifesavers!

SortingHardHat Thu 14-Jul-11 15:22:37

For that TOTM where it doesn't warrant full blown protection but you need something - basically the last day or so

woollyideas Thu 14-Jul-11 15:23:26

What? Forty or so?

Monty27 Thu 14-Jul-11 15:23:52

You change them as needed, or not, to keep fresh all day.

BootyMum Thu 14-Jul-11 15:23:52

Urrgghh! Have you been looking at the language student's panty liners - well obviously you have if you can tell they are "used but clean"...

I think this is just about the most disgusting AIBU I have ever read. And I hope your poor language student isn't on MN, they would probably be mortified!

Lastly, I also wondered if you were some kind of pervert who is trying to entice us into sharing what is in our gussets... Are you a middle aged man wanking as we type?

NotADudeExactly Thu 14-Jul-11 15:23:54

At the risk of making myself sound like a slob: I've only ever used them very occasionally when also wearing a tampon.

Does your student simply deposit them in your bin, then? I'd never leave an unwrapped pad or tampon in someone else's bathroom bin so I don't think I would with a panty liner.

(See, I knew I was not a slob!)

Sirzy Thu 14-Jul-11 15:24:18

40 of them in the bathroom bin? Yack!!

Otherwise I can see the need in the way Sortinghardhat said but I dont bother with them personally!

Cutiecat Thu 14-Jul-11 15:25:32

I don't see the point. Ok if you want to put one on when you are due but mid cycle your pants can deal with a little discharge. Is that not the point of pants???

IroningBoardForSurfBoard Thu 14-Jul-11 15:26:34

eeew at 40 of them...did you leave your bin unemptied for so long shock

BootyMum Thu 14-Jul-11 15:27:04

or a teenager. Sorry don't want to discriminate but just had image of sweaty 40-50 year old man in stained wife-beater vest hunched over computer salivating with expectation...

Or not. Maybe you are just generally curious [and a little odd imo]

NotADudeExactly Thu 14-Jul-11 15:27:35

Is that not the point of pants???


Although. Maybe I'll start going commando but attaching some panty liners with sellotape. Might be nice and airy for summer. grin

woollyideas Thu 14-Jul-11 15:28:02

Yes, she deposits them in the bin unwrapped so I have had to unpeel them from the sides (sorry to be so graphic).

Bootymum - I think she should be mortified. I would be mortified myself if I left something like this for another person to clean up.

takethisonehereforastart Thu 14-Jul-11 15:28:13

Sometimes there's discharge though (many people TTC will be plotting discharge in their cycle etc).

And some people are just more moist than others all the time.

And some people are more moist than others just sometimes.

And some people use them after unprotected sex on the off chance that they leak a bit back out later on even after a shower etc.

And some people are like that woman Graham Norton talked about when he was on channel four, that 'bleached' her black underwear just by wearing it and so need liners.

And sometimes when it is TOTM some people, like me, get a kind of discharge at the begining and end that doesn't need a proper sanitary towel because it's only a bit but still it's enough to need something.

woollyideas Thu 14-Jul-11 15:29:48

Bathroom bin emptied Monday FYI!

NotADude - that's what I thought!

BootyMum Thu 14-Jul-11 15:31:19

True, I don't think I would personally put my used pantyliners in a bin that someone else had to deal with...

Do you think you could have a stern word with her about it?

<wonders if she is fuelling more sexual fantasy>

Insomnia11 Thu 14-Jul-11 15:31:44

I used them when my periods were very light. Also I found a use for them after having DDs and a bit of wee would come out when I laughed or coughed. Also when I started doing circuit training again. Skipping would make me wee, running sometimes, esp sprint training.

Even if I'd been to the loo several times. And when exercising it is sometimes hard to get a balance between a lot of water intake which makes you want to wee, and not enough which makes you dehydrated. I'm usually ok now, use them when I might be coming on but not sure of the day exactly, and sometimes for running- seems to be ok in the summer but cold weather makes me want to wee!

woollyideas Thu 14-Jul-11 15:34:27

OK. I'm beginning to see the point, but still don't understand the quantity, or the fact that anyone would leave them for someone else to deal with.

Don't worry, Booty, I'm not a perv! Just logged on here while still fuming after having to deal with the damned things! Should have waited and calmed down a bit, maybe...

elphabadefiesgravity Thu 14-Jul-11 15:35:04

I have used them in the past becasue I used to get thrush especially in summer.

There is a certain time of the month when you get a heavier discharge.

I would put them in the bin as you are not supposed to flush them but they would be wrapped in the the little plastic thingys they come in.

IroningBoardForSurfBoard Thu 14-Jul-11 15:36:27

ok, benefit of the doubt time <hopes she's not going to regret this confused>

maybe leave some pop-ins bags on top of the bin lid will give her the hint?

SortingHardHat Thu 14-Jul-11 15:37:13

Your student resident sounds rancid.

ObviouslyOblivious Thu 14-Jul-11 15:38:35

I used to think this. Then I got pregnant, had a cs (with weeks of lingering lochia uuurgh) and now breastfeed. But I would never leave them in a bin unwrapped.

woollyideas Thu 14-Jul-11 15:39:19

Well, HardHat, language students are indeed a mixed blessing. Some you learn to love and others...

Mandy2003 Thu 14-Jul-11 15:39:55

Line the bin with a carrier bag and leave a note about using the liners' plastic wrapping!

SevenAgainstThebes Thu 14-Jul-11 15:41:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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