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to feel hacked off at boss's attitude

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TAtops Wed 13-Jul-11 22:55:46

I've got one of those colleagues who's an absolute pro at dumping work on others. This week, she's twice reported that projects are delayed because my team haven't done their bit. Thing is, no one ever told us we had a bit to do! Suspect she just didn't work out what was needed at the outset so now needs somebody to hide behind.

Big difficulty in all this is that the manager this colleague and I both report to is an old friend of Teflon Lady. I was warned off expecting any support if I complained because of this. But I did. Boss's response was basically, "I know you've never liked her, and we all need to be a bit flexible to make sure the job gets done."

So, now really pissed off 'cos in addition to the original being dumped on, I've got a boss dismissing my points of view as either a personal attack or the reaction of a jobsworth. Last point is particularly unfair as I am very flexible including taking work home to finish when deadlines are tight. Or did I just bring this extra angst on myself by kicking off when boss feels in an awkward situation?

bubblesincoffee Wed 13-Jul-11 23:55:01

YANBU. I have simelar boss issues at the moment! If a boss/manager can't treat all staff equally and with the same amount of respect, then they are shit at their job. It's that simple.

Sorry, no advice, but you have my sympathy.

SouthStar Thu 14-Jul-11 00:00:52

How annoying, is there noone else who feels the same that could bring it up with your boss so that it cant be seen as a personal attack?
Maybe you could put in a new system to make sure any work that needs to be done is put into some type of queing system where it is logged for everyone to see, if its not there she will only have herself to blame.

TAtops Fri 15-Jul-11 00:50:00

Thanks for these. Was kicking myself for getting the reaction I'd been warned I would. I like the 'new system' idea. Need to go back with this on an absolutely not personal basis. Loads of others feel the same, but I think this makes our boss more protective towards an old friend of hers who isn't appreciated by others (for very good reasons).

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