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to be annoyed at my Mothers jibes implying DH is cheating.

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Pigleychez Wed 13-Jul-11 21:00:24

Everytime DH goes out she makes little jibes about what hes up to when hes out.

Ie tonight DH has gone out with work colleagues straight from work for a meal. They do this ever so often, just as a social thing as they are all working at various client sites etc.
Mum calls and says im too trusting as im not sure when he will be back.
Before shes commented that I dont know what hes up to and he could be having an affair. Not much of an affair if they only see each other once every 3/4 months!
Its the same when hes away on confrences etc.

I trust him completely and know he's doing what he says he's doing. But mother really does wind me up!!

Anyone else's mother do this?

spookshowangel Wed 13-Jul-11 21:02:28

no but my mums mum did it to her, how old is your mum? was she cheated on because that lvl of mistrust has to come from somewhere.

K999 Wed 13-Jul-11 21:04:33

No. Is she always so suspicious of everyone?

squeakytoy Wed 13-Jul-11 21:09:23

No, but my mum used to think it very weird that my husband "allows" hmm me to go on mini breaks with my girlfriends..

Pigleychez Wed 13-Jul-11 21:10:49

Mum is approaching 60. Always making inappropriate jibes about people which we tend to just ignore now but this is all the time and I find it hard to listen to when its about DH.

Dont know of any event that could make her like this.

reelingintheyears Wed 13-Jul-11 21:12:41

Ignore know the truth.

Silly old bat.

lazarusb Wed 13-Jul-11 21:14:55

My dad used to try and convince me that dh was secretly basis for it whatsoever. I had to tell him to shut up in the end, it got very boring.

DoMeDon Wed 13-Jul-11 21:20:31

Try not to be annoyed, it says a lot about her and NOTHING about you. You trust your DH, just try and let it wash over you - if you can't, maybe try to bat it back.

Sounds like she is either deeply insecure or a jealous person. Her issues - not yours. It may not come from a nasty place, she may genuinely worry that you will get hurt and if she is suspicious minded any 'freedoms' your DH has will cause her mind to spin.

Pigleychez Wed 13-Jul-11 21:21:42

I have told her to shut up! She just doesnt listen!

Just went on even more about how "you never know" . Makes me feel awful. I know he never would but its not a nice think to think about.

wicketkeeper Wed 13-Jul-11 21:26:34

Why do people do this!! The only solution to these constant jibes is to be very light-hearted - 'Oh well Mum, if you're right I'll make sure you're the first to know.' Or 'Oh yes, we have a very open marriage, he's got three on the go at the moment I think'. You'll be able to think of more in the same vein. It's a quick and easy way of letting her know that a) you don't take her seriously and b) you are very secure in your marriage. Good luck.

Pigleychez Wed 13-Jul-11 21:38:36

Well hes just text to say hes on his way home. His other bird must be pretty easily pleased to have him for just 3/4 hours every 3/4 months!

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