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should I organise my friend's birthday party?

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MrsSBrown Wed 13-Jul-11 08:29:26

a close friend of mine has just asked me to organise her 40th birthday party. However, when our child was discovered to have cystic fibrosis she told everybody about it, despite the fact that we were very obviously distressed. AIBU to help her organise her party?
Also I'm having her to stay over for a slumber party with a few close friends, wouldother posters reconsider this?

Westernisle Wed 13-Jul-11 08:43:20

Hold on how old?
40 or 14?

She has asked you to organise her birthday party - is she incapable of organising her own?

You are having a slumber party and don't know whether to still invite her?

Think you both need to grow up.

motherinferior Wed 13-Jul-11 08:47:30

I'd have a chat with a few friends on the phone - be frank, give them all the details - and see what happens. You never know, you might be surprised!

cjbartlett Wed 13-Jul-11 08:49:46

Ha h
Poor you

I'd just stay up in Scotland and keep my head down

MrsSBrown Wed 13-Jul-11 10:29:09

I am concerned about looking like a spineless media whore if I do, but my husband is concerned that it might damage his prospects of promotion and is also a bit frightened of my friend.

MrsSBrown Wed 13-Jul-11 10:30:18

if we don't, that is

oohjarWhatsit Wed 13-Jul-11 10:31:59

is this about gordon and rebecca smile

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